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the act of dividing by cutting or splitting

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During the processing stage, plastics are subjected to molecular chain damage, including crosslinking, chain scission, and formation of double bonds [44].
If a business has been inherited since 15 May 2014, or there has been a merger or scission to the farm business, the businesses involved will need to complete the appropriate forms to request a transfer of the value of the entitlements.
But the oxidation that initiates chain scission may not begin until the loss of hydrogen chloride has proceeded to a significant degree.
Cette periode est notamment marquee par le blocage des negociations et, en consequence, par des interventions gouvernementales repetees (decrets), par l'adoption d'un reglement de placement, par la scission Conseil provincial du Quebec des metiers de la construction-FTQ et par les problematiques du travail au noir et de l'artisan.
In the presence of oxygen, the scission steps are generally dominant with regard to the cross-linking steps (Rabek 1995 and 1996).
The narrowing of the molecular weight distribution was due to the simultaneous disappearance of the high molecular weight compound due to chain scission events and of the low molecular weight compounds as they diffuse out of the films into the medium [14].
Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi has stressed support of Yemen for unity of the Chinese territories, condemning all calls for scission and considered dialogue, development and reform approach the only way out to solve any legitimate demands in order to realize justice and construction and face extremism and terrorism as well.
To determine the height from which come of the movement effort, it is necessary to determinate the scission this begins the regime of steam (Kutepov, M.
Chemical peptizers are materials usually based on a combination of a free radical scavenger and a so-called booster material, as an effective source of oxygen radicals that serve to increase oxidative chain scission at higher temperatures.
Symphony's response was that after initial scission of polymer chains by oxo/photo degradation of the additive, the remaining material "is no longer a plastic, and biodegrades in the same way as leaves and straw.
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) study indicates that the oxidation and chain scission reactions are likely the origins of the surface morphological changes.
In other terms, there is a seemingly unbridgeable scission that divides the experience of the critical knowledge or understanding (namely, science) of an object from the enjoyment (that is, art) which the object is able to produce in the subject.
A tribute to and parody of Enlightenment thought, Potocki's masterpiece is a key element in the lineage of Walpole, Coleridge, Hoffmann, Kafka, Lovecraft, and Borges, all writers who operate in a scission between fantasy and material reality.
An example of this type of mechanism is the understanding that a specific polymer coating degrades by chain scission.