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Synonyms for scintillant

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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Quelques notes a jouer, un aigu scintillant, une basse a renforcer suffisaient a ma joie, a ce sentiment de plaisir impossible a decrire de participer d'un grand tout musical, de faire corps avec les autres musiciens, le chef d'orchestre, la partition.
Poor scintillant selection or cocktail formulation can result in an unstable cocktail for which the counting efficiency decreases significantly with time [56].
We are deeper into sunset now and the sky has become more plummy, the stars more scintillant.
Avec ses timbales en cuivre jaune scintillant ou en terre cuite, il se retient par pudeur, peut-etre extreme gentillesse, d'harceler les passants sur cette place bondee et bien exposee au soleil mais offrait, a ses compatriotes comme aux touristes, ses gobelets d'eau desalterante avec un gout d'huile de cade, sans toutefois aller jusqu'a leur mettre la tasse sous la gorge.
The "lightning chain" that binds "The Elixir" to the medieval alchemists functions as visibly in its prepositions as in its scintillant, wayward propositions: the clusters of ups and downs, ins and aways create a literary contour rife with meaningful slippages, but treacherous for the unwary readerly foot.
The cells were harvested onto glass fibre filter mats (Wallac, Finland) using a plate harvester (Wallac Harvester 96 Mach III M, Tomtec, USA), saturated with scintillant fluid (Wallac Betaplate Scint, Wallac, Finland), and the radioactivity was measured (MicroBeta 1450 Trilux Liquid Scintillantion and Luminescence Counter, Wallac, Finland).
After centrifugation, the supernatant was added to scintillant and radioactivity was determined in a liquid scintillation spectrometer.
of leaf and seed fermenting under the surface scintillant clarity
The radiation produced by the bound ligand leads to scintillant excitation, which is observable as light emission.
C'est d'ailleurs un trope qui continue tout au long du siecle: dans le petit roman scintillant que Maurice Leblanc voue a l'engouement du velocipede, par exemple, une des heroInes constate a propos de son mari et de deux amis qui la regardent pecher des ecrevisses: "Eh, dites donc
LaScad's Vivelle Dop Le Gel Scintillant adds sparkling particles for a more glamorous look, while Garnier's Fructis Brillantine Shine creates long-lasting mirror shine thanks to fruit micro waxes, extracts and vitamins PP and pro-vitamin B5.
The scintillation cocktail was prepared by mixing 8 g PPO (2,5-diphenyloxazole) as a primary scintillant, 0.
screeching, rolling, patterning, measuring-- scintillant beast the bushes do not know exists as the wind beats them, beats in them, beats round them, them in a wind that does not really even now exist .
Bound radioactivity was measured with a scintillation counter (Topcount, Packard or Betaplate, Wallac) using a liquid scintillation cocktail (Microscint 0, Packard) or a solid scintillant (MeltiLex B/HS, Wallac).