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He suggests a cycle of conjecture, the proposal of a new scientific theory, and attempted refutation (the process of trying to falsify this theory).
The historical and anecdotal overview of how the structure of DNA was deciphered contains in itself the entire gamut of events in the evolution of a scientific theory and model through competitive scientific endeavor--or, to put it in nonscientific language, a race between scientists across continents.
It did not contain diagrams or specific methods and it did not refer to or incorporate any known scientific theory.
In the first experiment, 129 volunteers read short summaries of the Big Bang theory and the "Primordial Soup Hypothesis," a scientific theory of the origin of life.
Whereas Darwin's theory of natural evolution makes predictions about the world around us which have led to incredible discoveries like genes, DNA, fantastic medical techniques and bio-engineering, creationism, if presented as a scientific theory, predicts God and, as Mr Ashton himself points out, God's existence can neither be proved nor disproved.
The Gaia hypothesis is a scientific theory, developed by Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock, that claims the Earth acts as a living being in which all systems work together to regulate the climate.
He differentiates scientific theory, based on mathematics, from social theory, based on linguistic structures, which must be viewed as a whole and not reduced to their components.
A scientific theory is merely a way of organizing tested and retested ideas to describe the behavior or natural phenomena.
Will we ever discover a single scientific theory that tells us everything that has happened, and everything that will happen, on every level in the universe?
The Road to Unity in Psychoanalysis is written in fairly technical language, and dares to tackle the truly big questions in psychoanalysis, concerning the most fundamental aspects of the scientific theory underpinning the medical psychology of helping people.
The theory of evolution incorporates the patterns and processes identified by observation and experimentation into a single scientific theory.
Learn about true crimes, forensic techniques based on scientific research, and do an experiment which helps to understand how scientists solve crimes in a title advanced elementary to middle school grades will find key to not just understanding applications of scientific theory, but to appreciating its role in crime-solving.
And therefore it is kept as an ideology and not as a scientific theory which has been proven.
The reader is then brought up short when Kern shifts, in his conclusion, to the assertion that, in fact, "science and literature make for an uneasy fit," and that literature seldom uses scientific theory to explain behavior.
The notion that certain chemicals could only be made by living creatures was at the core of "vitalism"--a scientific theory of life that was held by many scientists prior to the 20th century.
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