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research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses

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Dr Yassin also highlighted the various tools of scientific research and how to prepare a research proposal.
A number of scientists and researchers from around the world including Jordan will participate in the meeting that aims to encourage cooperation between scientific and economic institutions as well as integrate scientific research with development, a JSSR statement said Saturday.
He added that the 2 nd annual forum for researchers aims at encouraging and promoting scientific research culture in the Sultanate, share research knowledge and experiences and encourage researchers to highlight their research activities in different fields.
Among main objectives to be presented at the seminar is the importance of scientific research in developing sports movement in the Arab world.
Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Sabry said, "the Scientific Research Skill book explains to students the concept of scientific research and its procedures.
Director-General of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research Dr.
The meeting touched on a request made by Yemen for increasing the scholarships for Yemenis to study in the Saudi universities and the possibility of supporting the scientific research in Yemen.
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has put together a strategic plan to raise the transparency and effectiveness of higher education in the UAE.
In an inaugural address, Sheikh Nahyan called on the institutions of higher education and scientific research in the Arab world to create an advanced system of the higher education to achieve the objectives of scientific and economic development through best practices, according to a report of the UAE news agency "WAM".
Speaking at a symposium at Gezira Rotary Club Monday, Salama said that the ministry's new strategy regarding scientific research will involve creating a favorable atmosphere in Egypt for Egyptian scientists inside and outside Egypt to work.
The symposium is attended by Maghreb countries' education, higher-education and scientific research ministers, in the presence of Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) Secretary-General Habib Ben Yahia.
The inaugural Conference on Scientific Research (GCSR) will take place at Bahrain University in April with the aim of shedding light on issues related to scientific research infrastructure in the GCC.
Summary: With a view to further promoting the scientific research sector major reforms are underway.
This study aimed at identifying the status and obstacles of scientific research in Jordanian higher education institutions.
Air Force Office of Scientific Research officials announced Oct.
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