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Committee chairman Andrew Miller said: "It is astonishing that women still remain under-represented at professorial levels in academia across every scientific discipline.
In fact, our scientific discipline represents the critical link between exposure and disease for many other fields of biomedical research.
Given the fact that the term science has been used in modern scholarship in its broadest sense of an academic or scientific discipline, as in Islamic tradition in which the Arabic term 'ulum (sciences) is used, we prefer to adopt this usage.
The colloquium will emphasize a cross-cutting approach, which recognizes that new tools and methods from one scientific discipline can be applied to other scientific disciplines.
Research in biomedical informatics or bioinformatics often employs a specific scientific discipline or medical subspecialty as the subject field or domain in which the research is undertaken, or in which tools and ideas are applied.
It is more than 30 years since Professor Wickramasinghe and the late Sir Fred Hoyle proposed the theory that life on Earth was brought by comets, pioneering a new scientific discipline - astrobiology.
But the range of projects being planned by Welsh schools encompass every scientific discipline from biology to robotics.
These officials said the FBI was exercising an appropriate level of scientific discipline, waiting until its experts had hard proof before reaching a conclusion.
The meeting to discuss this new scientific discipline will be held on December 19, 2006 from 10:00 a.
Vacanti describes Tissue Engineering as, "a scientific discipline dedicated to the generation of new tissue using the principles of engineering in combination with an understanding and application of the biologic sciences.
This new scientific discipline has sprung from the dramatic progress being made in numerous genome sequencing projects and the advances taking place in genomic technologies for expression profiling of mRNAs and proteins.
In a 30-year career in environmental health, I have witnessed the expansion of the field as both a scientific discipline and a global movement.
Where CFD is still often perceived as a complex, scientific discipline, FloWizard now brings the ability to rapidly model flows to all stages in the product design process," said Paul Bemis, Vice President of Marketing at Fluent.
Rahma bint Ibrahim al-Mahrouqiyah, Assistant to the Vice- Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) for Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, in the presence of Mohammed bin Sulaim al- Yaqoubi, Secretary of ONCECS and women from various national bodies in the Sultanate and from various scientific disciplines.
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