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someone who teaches science

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Thus, a good science teacher raises the question, "How can I improve ongoing lessons and units of study so that each student will achieve as much as possible?
are supporting the 244 new science teachers selected as Fellows in the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy.
The Distinguished Secondary School Science Teacher Award was initiated in 1977 to recognize excellence in secondary science teaching, and is presented annually to one Tennessee science teacher who has made significant contributions to science teaching and learning.
Dover science teachers were later compelled to watch a pro-ID video produced by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based organization that promotes intelligent design.
She taught at Placerita and La Mesa junior high schools before coming to Rio Norte and twice has been named Science Teacher of the Year by the California League of Math and Science Teachers.
The science teacher needs to use learning opportunities which arouse pupil interest.
He wrote that he had decided to give up his career as a biochemist and become a high school science teacher.
At Astellas, we hear from many of our employees how their career choice was inspired by a science teacher, so it brings us great pleasure to support the NSTA New Science Teacher Academy for a third year," commented Seigo Kashii, president and CEO of Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
Inquiry pedagogy and the preservice science teacher.
Marion Pitts was the recipient of the prestigious 2005 Distinguished Secondary School Science Teacher Award from the Tennessee Academy of Science (TAS).
Wynn Draper-Bryant, a science teacher at Whittier Middle School in Flint, Michigan, notes:
6, every science teacher in the district but one signed a letter to the board asking that they be allowed to "opt out" of reading the pro-ID statement to students.
In order for teachers to be skilled in the use of field-based instruction as a part of their repertoire of teaching techniques, science teacher education programs should emphasize the important role of authentic field-based activities for students' learning.
For preservice and new science teachers, science teacher mentors, and administrators, Rise and Shine: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Science Teacher provides advice on preparing for the first few weeks of school, managing and motivating students, effective teaching and assessment strategies, organization tactics, professional development options, time management skills, lesson planning and much more.
Virtually every science teacher (98 percent) says there is a critical need for more resources in science education today; over three quarters (77 percent) strongly agree.
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