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literary fantasy involving the imagined impact of science on society

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Haywood Ferreira approaches the subject carefully by not drawing limits that might prove too stringent; she understands that, when discussing texts by Argentine writers Eduardo Holmberg, Lugones, Miguel Cane, and Juana Manuela Gorriti, and those by Mexican writers Pedro Castera and Amado Nervo, or topics such as magnetism and the occult, the discourse of science fiction and the fantastic (often intermingled in Latin American literature) tend to blur their lines.
exemplifies how science fiction parlance permeates New York Times oped
About Science Fiction Book Club: The Science Fiction Book Club, a World Fantasy and Locus award winning club, brings you the best science fiction and fantasy books available today.
What happened in 1926 is that Luxembourg expatriate Hugo Gernsback created the first science-fiction magazine, Amazing Stories, and gave science fiction an identity and a characteristic flavor.
Telotte's own "Lost in Space: Television as Science Fiction Icon" looks not at sf on television, but television as sf as it considers how the emergent medium itself was represented on film before it became a familiar fixture in the home.
In her discussion of metalinguistics and neologisms, Johnson-Smith notes that different approaches to science fiction such as satire and parody, as evidenced in films like Brazil (1985) and Galaxy Quest (1999), respectively, "offer comment upon our own world through metaphor and extrapolation, with utopian or dystopian visions of alternative realities" (30).
Joe Durepos, senior acquisitions director at Loyola Press, says that science fiction and spirituality both come from "the same impulse to seek beyond.
In the final analysis, then, The Span of Mainstream and Science Fiction effectively charts the new territory Brigg set out to map and is a noteworthy addition to the growing body of critical literature that examines the boundaries between mainstream and genre fiction.
The golden age of science fiction is 10 - because you are 10 years old when you fell in love with it,'' said Scott Beckstead, 48, of Westlake Village, head of the society and chairman of its 33rd confab.
A member of the Birmingham Science Fiction Writers' Group, Alan's vivid imagination has always attracted him to the world of theatre and performing arts.
Featuring a handful of black-and-white illustrations by Alex Ebel, Stark and the Star Kings is a science fiction epic anthology set 200,000 years in the future.
If you're seeking high-quality, deluxe reprints of solid science fiction classics to build a new collection or replace aging paperbacks, Red Jacket Press titles are for you: they are slipcased, they are solid, and they only pick the top-notch writers' works--plus, they are surprisingly affordable.
To this end, Murakami exhibited a number of clips from relevant live-action and animated science fiction.
HE success of the new Doctor Who series, Star Wars and Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy are evidence of a resurgence of Science Fiction in popular culture.
WASHINGTON -- It still may be a little too soon for Star Trek's "beam me up, Scotty" technology, but Air Force scientists and engineers are trying to narrow the gap between science fiction and science fact.
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