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Synonyms for schoolmistress

a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

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Higginbotham took the pedlar into high favor, sanctioned his addresses to the pretty schoolmistress, and settled his whole property on their children, allowing themselves the interest.
Without running up the rates, we give a hundred crowns to supplement the cure's stipend, we pay two hundred francs to the rural policeman, and as much again to the schoolmaster and schoolmistress.
Not that the parting speech caused Amelia to philosophise, or that it armed her in any way with a calmness, the result of argument; but it was intolerably dull, pompous, and tedious; and having the fear of her schoolmistress greatly before her eyes, Miss Sedley did not venture, in her presence, to give way to any ebullitions of private grief.
Yes; I used to teach in it myself, and do teach still, but we have a first-rate schoolmistress now.
Says she, 'I could help you to a schoolmistress that shall make you as dexterous as herself.
I made off immediately, and left my schoolmistress to come out of her pretended fright gradually, and the lady too; and presently the watch was missed.
She was a tall, upright, well-favoured woman, though severe of countenance, and had more of the air of a schoolmistress than mistress of the Six Jolly Fellowship Porters.
But, Miss Potterson, as a ready schoolmistress accustomed to bring her pupils to book, set the matter in a light that was essentially of this world.
The original highlights included the charming "March of the Siamese Children," in which the princes, princesses, wives and concubines of King Mongkut are introduced to their new schoolmistress, and the pivotal "Shall We Dance?
The ex-wife of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger will play a schoolmistress opposite Billy Bob Thornton in horror movie Hellbent.
The craze is said to date back at least a century to a town in Serbia where a local schoolmistress died from heartbreak.
Turkish normally does much better than English at this, in that words such as E[micro]y-retmen (teacher) cover both the old English schoolmaster and schoolmistress, aktE[micro]r works for both actor and actress.
We have a real mix of activities, from our new and improved 'pop-up' trench in our foyer, to craft activities for younger visitors, and the addition of an Edwardian schoolmistress helping pupils of all ages with their 1914-18 knowledge.
The son of an electrician and a schoolmistress, Hardwick had signed for Boro for PS5 in 1937, having snubbed the head-turning advances of Arsenal and Rangers.
You starred as Karen Wright, a schoolmistress accused of having a lesbian affair with another schoolmistress, in a 2011 West End revival of Lillian Heilman's The Children's Hour.