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Synonyms for schooling

Synonyms for schooling

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

Synonyms for schooling

the act of teaching at school

the process of being formally educated at a school


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the training of an animal (especially the training of a horse for dressage)

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Public schooling is really nothing more than socialist central planning--bureaucratic boards, compulsory attendance, and government-approved schoolteachers, textbooks, and curricula.
Ultimately, the case against public schooling is a moral one.
Answering the Perpetual Home Schooling Question: A Review of the Literature, presents an exhaustive analysis of 24 studies on the socialization of home-schoolers, concluding: "It's a non-issue today.
Therefore, children get an early years education that allows them to make a seamless transition back into the UK schooling system.
There was, in fact, considerable opposition to the new schooling arising from two groups in Wilson County.
South of Philadelphia, a right-wing, anti-public education school board with a bias toward private schooling is trying to set up its own voucher plan.
Despite the recent emphasis upon a radical transformation of schooling, however, practicing counselors and the educators who prepare them have been largely absent from school reform efforts (Aubrey, 1985; House & Martin, 1998).
In innumerable ways, mass public schooling has been a stirring success.
To many working-class parents, however, schooling appeared as a kind of idleness incongruous with the organizing principle of family life in the nineteenth century - what Modell, Furstenberg, and Hershberg in another context have called "timeliness.
Even more obviously, two strategies for reform that emerged from the Advisory Committee on Governance, concurrently centralizing and decentralizing school management, could not easily coexist unless administrators and officials were committed at a deeper level to the ideas of democratic localism, teacher leadership, and parental authority over schooling.
That's because the Bush plan deals almost exclusively with Title I, the major federal education program, which is designed to improve schooling for at-risk students.
School personnel recognize the difficult transition students undertake when moving from one level of schooling to another.
In many of these settings, inadequate attention to language and cultural considerations and to high rates of student mobility creates additional barriers not only to student learning but to efforts to involve families in youngsters' schooling.
ASCA, for instance, has declared that advocating for the academic success of all students is the key role of counselors and places them at the center of the mission of schooling and school reform (Dahir et al.
Schooling students at risk: Research, policy, and practice in the education of poor and minority adolescents.