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an acquaintance that you go to school with

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Her kind, compassionate visits to this old schoolfellow, sick and reduced, seemed to have quite delighted Mr Elliot.
Miss Milroy, the headmistress of the Wesleyan Girls School, said that Mary was one of the most advanced scholars and set a good example to her schoolfellows.
Emmeline quickly makes friends--Lizzie, the pathetic, hardworking skivvy; the doctor's family; Daniel, the lonely schoolboy next-door; her rather prim schoolfellows and the warm-hearted boatmen on the cut.
This suggestion is that it derives from the middle name Victor, which would have enabled him, or schoolfellows, to allude to the French author Victor Hugo (Lobdell 1-2).
Barrington was very comfortable in urban high society, forming acquaintances with British diplomatic representatives, respectable expatriates and former schoolfellows of his father residing and travelling on the Continent.
I can't come back and I won't come back Without my schoolfellows all, For if my master he did hear He'd make it a sorry ball.
Beddoes's tempestuousness and morbid inclinations must have been noticed even before being sent to school, but the first recollections of his eccentricities as a child only come from one of his schoolfellows, Charles Dacres Bevan, a minor student who, willingly or not, was part of Beddoes's frequent acts of insubordination: "The expression of his face was shrewd and sarcastic, with an assumption of sternness, as he affected the character of a tyrant and bully, though really not much of either; but a persevering and ingenious tormentor, as I knew to my cost.
The boy shuns the society of others, creeps about alone, joins with repugnance in the amusements of his schoolfellows.
The fat kid squatting glumly on the floor of the gymnasium as his schoolfellows swarmed nimbly to the top of the ropes.
Li reported to her alma mater her career performance over the past two decades after her graduation and exchanged opinions with professors and schoolfellows.
The History Boys had been quietly maturing in Bennett''s creative imagination for half a decade, ever since 1951 when he and seven schoolfellows were directed by the ambitious headmaster of Leeds Modern to apply for Cambridge.
I was indifferent, therefore, to my schoolfellows in general' [38-9]); more importantly, the 'old familiar faces' of brother William, fiancee Elizabeth, and friend Clerval, all belong to acquaintances who are now dead, destroyed by the creature--and therefore by Victor himself.
Most important of the characters whom Simon must learn to understand is Fanie, a poor white, epileptic child whom his schoolfellows identify as a natural victim, but whom eventually Simon comes to understand and value.