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Synonyms for schoolfellow

an acquaintance that you go to school with

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In consequence of Dobbin's victory, his character rose prodigiously in the estimation of all his schoolfellows, and the name of Figs, which had been a byword of reproach, became as respectable and popular a nickname as any other in use in the school.
He also talked about a girl named Mahrukh, who he alleged is the niece of Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muqaddas Haider and was his son's friend and schoolfellow.
Clare Kendry, Irene's schoolfellow, was more reckless: having passed so far as to deceive and marry a Nordic whose hatred of her race was a mania.
Except for a brief, but troubled visit in 1835 when he scandalized an old schoolfellow with his aggressive rebelliousness, found out about his brother's marriage from a stranger and took care of his business affairs, Beddoes spent the happiest time of his life "in the pursuit of knowledge, not for professional distinction or financial gain, but for the personal satisfaction and pleasure which he derived from the mere acquisition" (Miller 1903: 309).
ix: 'My old friend and schoolfellow, Dr John Clague of Castletown, a gentleman well versed in the folk-lore and language of the country, and learned in all its ancient musical traditions, had been collecting material for many years past.
Hugo's mother has never deserted her; has continued to see her, to treat her as a friend and old schoolfellow, to take her presents.
Like them--though more innocently--the love poems rework their literary models; for personal feelings one should look to the poems "To his Friend beyond sea," Richard Bacon, Oldisworth's schoolfellow at Westminster, whose Catholicism would take him abroad to Douay.
For information on Reid, see the ODNB; for a brief reference to John Reid as Hazlitt's schoolfellow at Hackney, see Stanley Jones, Hazlitt.
6) Her older sister, Anna Maria Knowles, was born on 27 September 1789 and was married at Egham on 1 May 1809 to Joseph Gulston, a former schoolfellow of Peacock's who lived for the next few years at Poplar Lodge, Englefield Green.
We have a vivid and caustic recollection of him by a schoolfellow, Charles Bevan, who was Beddoes's fag and 'in constant attendance upon him'.
In a series of opera reviews he contributed to the Examiner in 1813, Thomas Barnes, Hunt's old schoolfellow and legendary editor of" the Times, made a strident case for middle-class control of opera repertory at the King's Theatre based on an argument that superiority of rank in Regency society lay in inverse relation to taste and education:</p>
They recognize him as Sam Shotter, a former schoolfellow.
Godwin's schoolfellow Bruno Chilvers exemplifies the new style of clergyman, announcing,
Always defending the underdog, a schoolfellow recalled, "he rather stood up for Huxley because he found him interesting.
Like his father before him, Arkady chooses domestic satisfactions and a life of small compromises over the absurd "heroism" of his schoolfellow.