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a book prepared for use in schools or colleges

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Michelle Fahy, online store manager at Schoolbooks.
Then, there is statistically no significant difference between female and male teachers' viewpoints on adoption of originality variable to natural sciences schoolbook of grade seven.
Sometimes, chemicals added to paper in stores affect student when they get the schoolbooks.
Bought in 1999, the publishing houses Atica and Scipione are leaders in the Brazilian schoolbook market, with close to 1,000 authors and over 50 million books sold in 2010.
I wonder if Irish schoolbooks have obliterated 400 years of English domination or abomination.
The British Council's own Sans font replaced Century Schoolbook and Univers - which are both available free of charge - in 2002.
Yet the myth that he was in charge, which began during his lifetime, ossified into schoolbook history.
JOHN Lennon's schoolbook is expected to fetch pounds 100,000 when it goes under the hammer later this month.
GREECE is being threatened with legal action by the European Commission over its failure to abide by European Union (EU) rules insisting on international open tendering for its schoolbook production.
A third blue work really does persistently look like an abstract composition until you learn the title, at which point Road Trip, 2001, with its white triangle within a beige rectangle at the bottom, seems to show the quintessential schematic representation of a straightaway leading into the distance, the schoolbook illustration of perspective.
In part, this is the story of white Anglo-Saxon supremacy in America, as Takaki documents the racism explicit in the words of the Vikings, the Pilgrims, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Andrew Jackson, and other traditional schoolbook heroes.
SchoolBook will include coverage by New York Times and WNYC reporters; user-friendly, interactive tools to help parents and others analyze schools; and platforms for community journalism and discussion.
Independent scholar Fleming unravels the complexities behind the schoolbook interpretations of what happened and could have happened to diplomats, soldiers, and crowned heads as America, France and Britain sorted out who had actually won the war.
A SCHOOLBOOK of John Lennon's boyhood drawings including a picture of a walrus has sold at auction for more than pounds 125,000.
Author Burchers said innovative new learning resources are needed to make up for schoolbook simplification.