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establishment including the plant and equipment for providing education from kindergarten through high school

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The accreditation of the first Islamic school system will confirm that quality education is being taught at these schools.
With many school systems unable to afford computers for all of their students, the SoftXpand software provides every student with access to a computer without the school systems having to go over budget and actually provides a tangible cost savings for school systems.
I think this is exactly the right direction - to sort of improve the school system by improving the highest expectation and to provide opportunities for kids who operate at the highest possible levels in a secondary school.
They had a combined total of more than seventy-five years of experience in the public school system, but a provision in the partnership gave them the opportunity to weigh the advantages and disadvantages inherent in their employment status with the School System as opposed to the College.
Finally, vouchers will not fix the ailing public school system in any way, shape or form.
The remaining 87 students from the Year 1 cohort were not included in these analyses because they had either transferred to another school system or educational program, earned a GED, completed the grade in which they were enrolled, or planned to return but had not yet done so, for such reasons as receiving a 365-day suspension that had not ended or being incarcerated or hospitalized.
While the idea of allowing children to attend the Catholic school system in order for them to have a positive influence on their peers is a good thought, children need a firm grounding in their faith to be able to do this.
The high cost of diesel and gas compared to the low cost of natural gas and propane makes this the perfect time for school systems with tight budgets to consider conversions," said HYFS chief executive officer Mark Clancy.
There are numerous initiatives to "improve" the public school system.
In a public school system where expenditures for 2003-2004 totaled a whopping $501 billion, though, $1.
That can be achieved, he said, only by freeing school systems from the constraints of traditional union contracts and bureaucratic regulation.
However, your article has inspired me to offer my service to the Prince George's County public school system in the way that Nicole has for the New Jersey school system.
Even people who know the location of this Deep South community at the southeastern tip of Georgia probably don't realize that nearly 10,000 students in its public school system get to attend three age-appropriate quality arts programs every year.
In 1997, the school system withdrew a similar plea for help after several city and state officials questioned the constitutionality of such an action.
Renaming to Nova Scotia, she attended teachers' college, taught in the provincial school system and raised a family.
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