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a newspaper written and published by students in a school

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Do you have a teammate who might like to supply the school paper with scores and news?
The Kids at Latimar High is a novel for young adults following African-American high school student Lauren O'Neil, whose passions include earning her continuing place on the honor roll and tracking down the biggest scoops for the school paper.
Q: What types of materials are most cost-effective: print, radio, TV, school paper, local paper, e-mail, Web site, flyers stuck on windshields, etc.
Hildy's reporting gets too close to special interests, and the school paper is shut down.
Armed with his degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton and experience as editor of the school paper, he went south to Atlanta in search of warmer weather and a job.
The program covers materials found in offices, classrooms and cafeterias including all types of paper, including school paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, unwanted mail, aluminum and steel cans and plastic and glass bottles.
The pupils, from Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen, were due to pick up two Newsday awards for the best school photojournalist and the second best run school paper in Britain at a ceremony in Westminster.
The decision stemmed from a controversial article in the school paper by then-sophomore Matthew Pratter in March 2005.
The youngsters have all been invited to apply for make-believe positions which have been advertised in their own school paper, the Manor Park Times.
And that's why, twenty years after that first law school paper came back, I find myself a writing center coordinator.
The Junior Statesmen Foundation selected Benjamin Traslavina, the 16-year-old vice president of his high school's Honor Society and editor of the school paper, to attend the Republican National Convention.
The school has also helped to reduce waste by recycling school paper, cans and printer cartridges, and pupils are encouraging parents not to drive them to school to save the environment.
There is a stated policy setting limits on editorial comment in the school paper, which is not independent of the school administration.
She did, in fact, draw illustrations for the school paper and her class show, but that dream faded as she got deeper into her medical training on the Ivy League campus.
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