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The survey, conducted among 21,632 respondents, did not include the option "Alevi" as an answer to a question inquiring which school of thought the respondent identifies with.
K Singh was mentally a part of BJP as he follows a similar school of thought," he said.
He said that since a majority of the Taliban belonged to the Deobandi school of thought, it was for the Deobandi Ulema to take up this responsibility.
They thoroughly refuse to accept the evidence of the opposition school of thought, especially those who consent to qiyEs (the divergence of a non text of ruling matter with text of ruling matter, due to the similarity of the two matters in Nillah) (al-KhallEf 1984: 52) or Nillah mustanbaIah from other text or likewise.
He also appreciated the Iranian nation for its bright record in supporting Islam throughout the past, but underlined that the Iranian people should still continue their mission, which he described as the protection of Islam's school of thought.
The author links the discussions of antiballistic missile defense and homeland security to the school of thought supported by the Guardians.
According to the Sahfie school of thought, any skin-to-skin contact between a man and a woman who can be married, or are married, invalidates ablution.
The overall approach to the text is similar to a long-standing school of thought known formally as "narrative criticism"
No single school of thought proved a sufficient basis for all ethical thinking, so circular discussions continued for centuries.
In addition to the basic underwriting of terrorism, there is a school of thought that it is not the job of the insurance industry to provide coverage here.
formerly of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg and now at Perkins, began his scholarly work with an important dissertation on the Deuteronomistic History and has now followed that with significant commentaries in OTL on Joshua and Deuteronomy, and on the books of Kings in Interpretation, all three from the same Deuteronomistic school of thought.
He said there is a school of thought in the Anglican church "that we shouldn't be government functionaries, anyway.
Although the term 'neoliberalism' is generally preferred in social policy circles, Amadae uses the term 'rational choice liberalism', and relates this school of thought not only to the promotion of market capitalism but to the advocacy of liberal democracy and wider individualist values.
This school of thought seeks to attack the QB with numbers and play some sort of man or combination coverage behind it.
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