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a newspaper written and published by students in a school


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K12 Kit is a secure and moderated platform with features including student profile pages and private document lockers; classroom management tools; a school newspaper capable of being published online or in print; a collaborative yearbook publishing platform with online and print; dedicated zones for sports teams and clubs to share rosters, schedules, results, and multimedia highlights; fundraising capabilities such as online advertising and an e-commerce school store; and a school wide calendar listing all upcoming events.
EVENT The Journal North East School Awards 2011 PRIZE Last year's awards School Newspaper award King Edward VI School in Morpeth.
When she became a freshman last year, her high school didn't have a school newspaper.
Hiestand is an attorney for the Student Press Law Center, a group that provides legal advice to school newspapers.
She is a writer and editor for the school newspaper and is a member of Future Business Leaders of America.
At the age of 18, I'd cajoled my way into a newly opened strip club as a journalist for my high school newspaper.
Some memorabilia you could include are notes you've passed in class, postcards she's sent you from family vacations, programs from school plays you were both in, school newspaper clippings, CD covers, party invites, ticket stubs (from concerts, movies, plays, sporting events or theme parks you've gone to together) and, of course, photos--anything that represents the fun you two have had.
0 GPA and is a member of the National Honor Society, the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, and a member of the drama club and varsity soccer team.
Hence, the pass was advertised on the school's marquee, the daily announcements, open house, sold in conjunction with the weekly game tickets, and in the school newspaper.
The drama series follows the exploits of Stacey Stone, a teenage agony aunt who works on a school newspaper.
I used the Valentine's issue of a school newspaper.
Metro and Jesse graduated from the same elite New England campus, meeting in the aftermath of a Black Student Union occupation in which Jesse participated and Metro was trying to cover for the school newspaper.
24, 1984, arguing that the school newspaper is public forum for free expression, and that the district had violated their First Amendment rights by using prior restraint to remove articles from the newspaper.
The group began the effort after a school newspaper at Palmer High School published two articles about homosexuality that angered Religious Right activists.
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