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a dictionary specially written for those learning a foreign language

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Dictionary work, all free, online and with a Key Stage 2 and 5 slant--and not a school dictionary in sight.
This sort of detailed analysis is usually reserved for general dictionaries, such as Le Petit Robert; it is salutary to read a serious account of the various facets of the school dictionary,whose users and their needs are different from and independent of those of the general dictionary.
In the 1970s, Mr Marston translated the patron saint's Latin 'confession' word by word, using an old school dictionary, and became increasingly convinced that the claim was more than just legend.
Scottish Language Dictionaries offer two dictionaries specifically designed to be used at school (the Scots School Dictionary and the Essential Scots Dictionary).
Now in a fully revised and illustrated edition specifically designed for students in grades 9 to 11, Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary is an essential, core, and thoroughly "kid friendly" reference.
He has Dylan's old school dictionary by the bedside, and I can hear him scrabbling for meanings as I lie beside him, when he thinks I am asleep.
DOST and SND have already formed the basis for numerous related projects: the series of smaller Scots dictionaries consisting of The Concise Scots Dictionary (1985), The Pocket Scots Dictionary (1988), The Scots Thesaurus (1990), The Concise English-Scots Dictionary (1993) and A Scots School Dictionary (1996); and the digitalised Dictionary of the Scots Language now available on the Internet.
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