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a board in charge of local public schools

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Zion Missionary Baptist Church, located just west of downtown Evanston, served on the District 65 school board for seven years in the 1970s.
A May 20th ANJRPC press release noted that the accord "guarantees that the School Board will treat proSecond Amendment groups on an equal footing with anti-Second Amendment groups.
Lawyers for the school board said that since the board made choices in deciding school curricula, they should also be able to decide what books go in the schools' libraries.
But most people want schools held accountable for their performance, and that is what the school board failed to understand.
Ott, an 18-year-old senior who is openly lesbian, praises the school board for taking a "step in the right direction" but says it isn't enough.
CSBA's task was to develop a training program for school board members and superintendents that taught curriculum integration basics and provided strategies to get it done.
When the school board had to make decisions about where to put most of its new money, athletics wound up near the bottom of the list.
Tammany Parish School Board (1994), for example, presents librarians with a victory, although only in a lower federal court in Louisiana.
You've got to take on the powerful bureaucrats, the school board, and the teachers union--the quiet saboteurs of D.
The school board communicated its position succinctly: "The tree must go.
The Kawartha Pine Ridge (KPR) District School Board serves 82 elementary schools and 15 secondary schools, reaching more than 37,000 students in Peterborough County.
Magistro and school board members were dismayed this summer when a federal judge sided with Borden's audacious argument that he had a constitutional right to participate in religious activities with his players.
1, the mayor hopes to prevent any delays as he lays the groundwork for shifting power from the elected school board to the appointed superintendent and carving out a larger role for himself.
When I spoke with four members of the Strait Regional School Board prior to their vote on the issue, all stated that it was their understanding that the clinics would be solely concerned with legitimate health issues like depression, eating disorders, and chronic illnesses.
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