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a school task performed by a student to satisfy the teacher

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IN JUNE, IN A RULING THAT THE NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE Fund said was an assault on "any and all efforts to address racial inequality," the Supreme Court found race-based school assignment plans implemented in Louisville, Kentucky, and Seattle unconstitutional.
Thrown together by a school assignment, Nell and Woody quickly rub each other up the wrong way.
I have never seen such enthusiasm about a school assignment before," she told the Boston Globe.
Supreme Court to hear arguments in two K-12 school assignment cases in its next term has raised serious questions about the viability of race-conscious policies in American education, legal experts say.
Friends and Neighbors is a picturebook story about two best friends, a Latino boy and an African-American girl, given a school assignment to learn about the people of their community, and create an artwork masterpiece.
The 30-year-old star said his eldest child Brooklyn approached him for help with a school assignment one night but the task was too much for the footballer.
A HIGH school assignment on internet pornography had had to be cancelled - after parents complained about steamy homework.
Everything from the real estate industry to school rankings based on test scores is set up to reinforce the idea of school assignment by address.
We were looking for a project for a school assignment that would also be practical and help the public," said Tal Sharasta, one of the developers.
When asked to talk about how they determined the usefulness of a document needed to fulfill a particular school assignment, the children in Hirsh's study listed four criteria: topicality, novelty, authority, and whether it appeared "interesting.
Rachael, aged 10, of Arncliffe Close, in Crowhill, Nuneaton, discovered her talent through a school assignment when she was nine.
These Sailors are chosen for their abilities as well as their commitment to the Navy, and are required to give up any "A" school assignment for a two-year tour with the guard.
Heft handmade the 50-star version of the American flag as part of a school assignment.
Summer reading provides young people the opportunity to read books that do not relate to any school assignment.
We know that the 15,000 people who visit the website each month have come to rely on the information that's published on it, whether they're coming for the Monetary Policy Statement, the latest financial statistics or information for a school assignment.
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