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a scholar who writes explanatory notes on an author (especially an ancient commentator on a classical author)

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68 Dindorf), refers to the Platonic passage that preserves Pindar's poem exactly as it is printed in Dodds' edition: he cites the reading [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and records the fragment up to [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-; his scholiast, as we saw above, completes it.
68) The patronymic is only attested before in the Scholiast of Pindar ([SIGMA] N.
This passage is a stronger indication of his election to the highest military office than the scholium to Aristophanes' Birds 1569, (86) because it is doubtful whether the scholiast had an independent source at hand, or simply inferred Laispodias' generalship from Thucydides' passage (6.
Almost, one might say, a scholiast on a holiday from the routine of pedestrian tasks.
Byzantine scholiast John Tzetzes (in Parsons, 1952) estimated that it contained over 532,800 rolls (including the 42,800 rolls in its nearby sister library, the Sarapeum), and by the mid-first century BCE it is said to have contained over 700,000 rolls (Aulus Gellius, 7.
Nevertheless, Lewis's own lengthy, sciolistic footnote on Burgess's book for children, A Long Trip to Teatime, is virtually a Nabokovian parody of scholarship itself, clearly separating the true scholiast from the mere professoriate.
This is not an isolated example: the same scholiast mentions a line in the Odyssey (2.
Although he cites the Scholiast more frequently than Plato (and the scholar Wilamowitz-Moellendorf more frequently than Nietzsche), Benardete's subtle exegesis and commentary demonstrates, beyond doubt, the many affinities between Homer and Plato.
The incongruity of Talthybius' and Eurybates' action is noted by the scholiast, who comments ad 1.
Basil is the latest author mentioned in the scholia of the Codex von der Goltz, and normally the scholiast gives verbatim quotations.
The scholiast comments on the distinction established by Dionysius of Thrace (second century B.
The best known case is the Haloa, described in some detail by a scholiast on Lucian.
He bases this assertion on the Greek verse which the scholiast of the Codex Bembinus quotes on line 384.
7) The scholiast on Plato, Lysis (Scholia platonica, ed.
Golding cannot tell us what he believes, for he is not a scholiast or even an apostle.