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Synonyms for scholar



Synonyms for scholar

a usually elderly person noted for wisdom, knowledge, and judgment

one who is being educated

Synonyms for scholar

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A scholar from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, whose attestation is pending before the HEC, said that obtaining a PhD degree was easier than getting it attested from the HEC.
Instead of resolving the issue, the HEC started getting the scholars bound that they would not force the commission for providing them jobs after returning to the country and completing one year of intern period, another scholar, Dr Qasim said.
Google Scholar may not have the scholarly reputation of the other two, but it requires no subscription (unlike Web of Science), is easy to use, and can even yield results not available in PubMed.
Google Scholar serves up some citations without full text, making it an easy place from which to build a bibliography without necessarily providing the opportunity to read the papers cited.
The nine professors in the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Programme for Iraq arrived June 28 and will stay until September 7.
When he was asked about the origin of his fatwa, the scholar recited the Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that a Muslim would not be bitten from the same hole twice.
While it makes more sense for institutions to benefit from the reliability of a senior scholar, a new observation shows that Shari'ah boards often constitute more than one senior scholar and, in many cases, only senior scholars.
The obvious main feature of Google Scholar is its simplistic approach to searching for scientific, medical, and legal information.
John Hope Franklin, the greatest living senior scholar of American history, must be wryly alert to the resonant meaning of the subtitle of his book, "The Autobiography of John Hope Franklin.
Japanese New Testament scholar Hisako Kinukawa has identified part of our task very well: "The social, cultural, political, economic, and religious reconstruction of the times when the texts were edited, when the stories were told, and when the incidents took place must be done carefully and continuously.
Still, there is something bracing about a 74-year-old scholar who cannot let go of the God he thinks has let go of him.
1) </pre> <p>In the year 2002 I spent a happy term as a Fullbright Scholar in the USA, teaching and doing research at my old university, Carnegie Mellon.
Scholar in His Study, on this month's cover, pays tribute to the pursuit of knowledge, a subject visited often by Rembrandt (A Scholar, The Anatomy Lecture, Philosopher in Meditation, Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer).
1 Every scholar must be present at the appointed time at which the school opens and must be clean in person and dress.