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(Yiddish) a scrounger who takes advantage of the generosity of others

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Imber became Sulzberger's schnorrer, and the good judge used to arrange for the head of the Jewish section of the New York Public Library to place daily a one dollar bill between some pages of a book that Imber would then collect.
He acknowledged the disparaging nature of the term and its origins in "Negro dialect," but wondered whether "shucking and jiving" is not a "crossover" term like schnorrer and chutzpah, which "have become absorbed into standard English and are now applied to members of all racial and ethnic groups.
Also heard about the schnorrer who asked someone in the street for a few quid.
112) One of the sources of this attitude is the fact that the Zionist movement itself (at least until the 1930s) was viewed by many German Jews as suitable only for "ostjudische Schnorrer.
The gene spalt is essential for the generation of the ultrafast super muscles," emphasizes Frank Schnorrer, head of the research group "Muscle Dynamics.
Depicted as a schnorrer of not-too-moral character, he was accused of being paid to provide propaganda to missionaries in the East End.
As Michael Billig remarks, referring to Freud's analyses of "Jewish schnorrer (beggar) jokes.
Imagine: a dark room in a comedy club in Vienna and here is this bearded comic rattling off his favorite schnorrer, schadchen, and schliemiel jokes.
But one thing boggles even now my min& The teddy bear her grandson left behind Unrecognized, old Ursus theodore Was tossed among the presents that this schnorrer Reused A birthday?
A typical schnorrer joke is the tale of a schnorrer who was allowed as a guest into the same house every Sunday, and appeared one day in the company of an unknown young man who gave signs of being about to sit down at the table.
There were some strong pieces, most notably "Brothers," the story of Moisheh the Schnorrer, who scrimps and saves to bring his family from Russia to America, only to be betrayed by his "highfallutin" cultured newcomer brother, and a satire called "An Immigrant Among the Editors," which includes a wonderful lampoon of such contemporary intellectual journals as Free Masses and The New Republic.
Richie had two uncles named Mo--one of them a failed actor who lived off his relatives, and the other a prosperous businessman who had once been accused of embezzlement--and to keep them straight the family called them Uncle Mo the Schnorrer and Uncle Mo the Gonif.
One chapter is devoted to a particularly adept schnorrer who advises Behar to visit Adath Israel (an orthodox shul supported by the Lubavitchers) on the day Mr.
From this debris the artiste had constructed life-sized simulacra of Moshe Day-an and Golda and of representative figures too--a rich man in an astrakhan; a rabbi; a bent schnorrer who might have walked out of Helene's Belgian childhood: give the man a coin, Lenya.
They regard the Jewish artist as a schnorrer, and rather than buy one of his works.