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air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes

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It also contrives to shift the light source, using the polished aluminum surface of Schnorkel painting (all works 2000) to reflect the light falling on it from the doorway back into the space.
In some cases, as with certain areas of the aluminum surface of Schnorkel painting, there is little more than a scuffing that renders the mirrored smoothness opaque.
1/6) Hubble Telescope 4) Pretoria 10) Mauritius 11) Ledge 12) Sable 13) Trossachs 15) Pyramid 17) Flodden 18) Embargo 21) The Midi 23) Schnorkel 24) Crude 25) Guano 26) Endurance 27) Mongoose 28) Dorset