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Synonyms for schmuck

Synonyms for schmuck

(Yiddish) a jerk

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She's just a caretaker PM a patsy, a fall guy, a sucker, a schmuck
At the end of the day, it goes back to our Appeals mission, which is we are supposed to act in a manner that is fair and impartial to both the taxpayer and the government," Schmuck said.
Comedian Omid Djalilli will perform his new show Schmuck at the Spa Centre
The Curragh trainer, who never had a double, finished the night with three winners thanks to Lady Schmuck and Springfort at this meeting and Jetty mark who scored at Sligo
All of these materials feature, alongside plastic and various forms of metal ranging from gold to stainless steel, in Schmuck 2008, the world's largest open exhibition of contemporary jewellery.
Speaking at the Criswell Theological Seminary in Dallas in late January, Land referred to Schumer as "that schmuck from New York.
Steve Allen didn't know "schmuck" also meant "penis," but there he was, saying "schmuck, schmuck, schmuck" on TV.
This is skating, so who cares about some schmuck pontificating on the esoteric value of van life in the open country, the ins and outs of truck stop food, how rad we are when we get drunk and party, the chicks we bang, the cool people we meet, how sick so and so's triple flip was, and the whatnot?
So here's my plea: T reat a self-fueling station like you own it, so the poor schmuck who taxis up at midnight for gas won't have to clean up your mess.
The last four years should have taught us all: You shouldn't elect someone you know is a schmuck.
I was pleased to read the quote from Jonathan Klein, CEO of Getty Images, in your April cover story ("The CEO Trap"): "You can be a god at the office, but at home you're just the schmuck who takes out the garbage.
Als wesentliche Gemeinsamkeiten werden zweckmaszigerweise die Hauptelemente hervorgehoben: Hemd, als altere Uberbekleidung das Gewand, Gurtel mit Verzierungen, Schmuck (in sehr reichhaltiger Weise), Kopfbedeckung, Schuhwerk (fruher Bastschuhe, spater Stiefel).
Rewe spokesman Wolfram Schmuck confirms the Rosbach case, but insists that there was not at any time danger to the consumer.
Others are shrouded with misunderstanding, like transsexual and schmuck, which are often used without the speaker realizing their meaning.
Next thing you know they'll be having some poor schmuck die for us LIVE on PBS.