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But Ferrazzi doesn't like the word networking; to him, that conveys the image of the schmoozy guy at the back of the room who can't quit glad-handing people and tossing around his business card.
But there's one problem I have with these schmoozy outings - the drink.
He said: "I appreciate that money is going to a good cause and, yes, the players who attended were ex-Leeds United players, but at the end of the day Cardiff are on a terrible run of form, off the pitch we have a court case coming up and then we see Peter Ridsdale on schmoozy book launches.
After Joss's charade at the Brit awards this year, she certainly has a tough job in store trying to convince her British fans that she hasn't converted to the schmoozy American way of life.
In such close quarters, Leary's not the schmoozy sort; he keeps his head down and his eyes on the prize.
Bush has pulled back his schmoozy ads, and the American people aren't being fed daily doses of Bush the honest family man, Bush the patriot, Bush the religious man.
I need you to do this: get a little schmoozy with your partner and make a baby.