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My restaurants have always had a Mediterranean influence, and I felt I wanted to give Schmooze a definitive menu, and create a destination eatery, that was unique for Liverpool.
Schmooze Communications is a manufacturer of IP PBX phone systems based in Neenah, WI that has focused on building highly user friendly phone systems and features.
She will discuss self-publishing alternatives at the September Schmooze.
Of course it's all been a bit tricky post-Warhol, but whether the balance tips in favor of pure schmooze or high purpose, most artists will remember an instance (if not quite a Schwab's moment) when their careers seemed to take off, when an auspicious encounter turned private effort into public presence.
In fact, the mission statement of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah speaks volumes about the public/private sector economic development, but totally absent are words like schmooze, party, entertain, junket, glad hand, back slap, or golf.
But the Labor Department is not so much in need of a schmooze maister as a strong, motivated leader in the secretary's seat to focus attention on the concerns of the nation's workers.
In Act 1, the stage is an exterior courtyard where Swanilda (Fransoise Joullie) and Franz (Josu Zabala) wow each other and schmooze with friends in a series of physical games and dance sequences that display some of the tanginess of Jerome Robbins's West Side Story choreography, European folk dances, and disco.
Law students and lateral associates are invited to schmooze with law firm partners and recruiting professionals, corporate counsel and other leaders in the legal industry.
He's playing at Schmooze on Church Road in Allerton this month as part of the tour.
The American Heritage Dictionary defines the verb schmooze as: "To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.
Allerton's popular wine bar and restaurant Schmooze re-opened following a pounds 200,000 refurbishment.
The delegates came to schmooze, network, do business, attend seminars, symposiums, master classes, party and also catch a few of the very strong 70 films.
Tickets for the event at Schmooze on Church Road, Wavertree, which starts at 12.
I'm here because of you,'' Villaraigosa told Klieman, who promptly noted that the mayor showed considerable ability to schmooze a host, particularly after he complimented Klieman's co-host, Rich Moratta.