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And what was interesting to me about watching that film, particularly with an audience nearly forty years removed from its release, is that it plays as a schlocky action crime drama.
If the specific pieces often boiled down to vehicles for low-ambition, knowingly schlocky gags--a biology lab set up to grow poppies for the cultivation of opium on Mars rejiggered, "due to federal law restrictions," to produce " 'soapium,' a Dial soap-based substitute"; a Winnebago RV fashioned into a "mobile quarantine facility" for returning astronauts, stocked with copious amounts of top-shelf booze--the conceptual coup de grace of the larger project was the way it cheerfully strong-armed visitors into playing along with its central conceit.
STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES 15 Brilliantly stupid, this quirky flick is a must for fans of schlocky nonsense.
do we want to be a schlocky outfit that takes ads in exchange for editorial coverage?
Eugenics underpins the sleek society in "Gattaca" (1997), the bare minimalistic spaces of "THX 1138" (1971), and the schlocky landscape in "ZPG" (1972), in which child-bearing among certain groups is illegal.
Rather than being a schlocky, lowbrow knockoff, Zombieland cleverly challenges audience expectations and offers viewers a glimpse of how the zombie subgenre can function as a positive social force within both the comedy and horror traditions.
Expect plenty of audience participation, dressing up, and singing along to Richard O'Brien's schlocky horror hits including I Can Make You a Man, Dammit Janet, and of course, The Time Warp.
To the degree that I find any of the products schlocky, shallow, excessively slick, or market-driven to a grasping degree, my response is again that I would push for better and more thoughtful products before I would advocate sweeping them away into a secret world of the Christian church.
Clement, from TV's Flight of the Conchords, is great as the pompous sci-fi writer who has no qualms about stealing Benjamin's schlocky story.
Events include spine-tingling Schlocky Horror movies at The Muni Arts Centre Pontypridd, Literary Classics at The Coliseum Theatre, Aberdare, and both Children's Favourites and Contemporary Classics at The Park & Dare Treorchy.
The Ronettes were super influential and helped catapult Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" to prominence in the '60s (before it got all masturbatory and schlocky in the '70s), and they deserve their place in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.
Teeth is a darkly weird, witty blend of schlocky 1950s horror, bizarre 1980s sex-comedy, and an urban legend told by an excited 12-year-old schoolboy to his mates.
Speaking of the Falcon, after I panned the umpteenth schlocky comedy produced by the Toluca Lake-based theater, president Garry Marshall wrote me a letter indicating that more substantial fare was on the way.
Traditionally, the songs in vintage exploitation flicks and straight-to-drive-in spectaculars were as schlocky as the films that spawned them.