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Synonyms for schizoid

characterized by symptoms similar to but less severe than schizophrenia

of or relating to or characteristic of schizophrenia

marked by withdrawal and inability to form close relationships

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So, it can be expressed that smart girls are healthier than smart boy and get lower mark in depression and schizoid.
It is, therefore, questionable, although not impossible, to interpret the two brothers' retiring, private lifestyle as indicative of a schizoid personality.
It must be mentioned that item 60 of the PDQ-4+ forms part of the Schizoid and Schizotypal subscales.
Paranoia can also merge with the schizoid typology where a strong persecutory complex develops.
Live she's a magnetic presence provoking a particular sort of hypnotic fervour by conjuring up the fractured beauty of Mazzy Star and the schizoid psychedelic headrush of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.
She was a magnetic presence, provoking a hypnotic fervour by conjuring up the fractured beauty of Mazzy Star and the schizoid psychedelic headrush of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.
Eliminated from the DSM-5 would be the histrionic (hysterical), schizoid, and dependent personality disorders.
The following chapter, on schizoid pathology, explores the idea that a central feature of the schizoid's fantasy world is the wish to die and be reborn.
For the personality disorders, it appeared that a 'big six' emerged: sadistic, paranoid, antisocial, narcissistic, schizoid and schizotypal," Coolidge and Singer wrote in their 2009 research paper.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has turned in one of the best Jekyll and Hyde performances since Spencer Tracy took on the schizoid role in 1941.
Even the villain, Robertson Creake, becomes sympathetic after a fashion, with his schizoid delusions.
The national government serving as backdrop, or foil, to the featured lives of local residents is really what makes Washington writing an unusually rich, if sometimes schizoid, body of work, according to the editor.
The doctor divides his offices into "Drear" (the average patients) and "Spells" (the affairs), which makes fora fine physical model of his split self and incipient schizoid tendencies.
This schizoid setting will serve as the backdrop for different: facets of Merz's multifarious practice: her works exploring the contingency and transformative potential of materials such as copper, wax, and water; her sculptures that skewer tropes of feminine craft, using woven nylon or copper thread constructions to embrace the interpenetration of private and public realms; and her recent stylized drawings and clay studies of heads.
The Prisoner ITV1, 9pm This week's offering, a revamp of classic 1967 episode The Schizoid Man, sees Six encountering a double seemingly intent on killing Two.