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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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The Arquia Group is formed by garnet amphibolites, greenschists and mica schists, from basic, volcano-sedimentary and pelitic protoliths, respectively, metamorphosed under greenschist and amphibolite facies conditions (Restrepo & Toussaint, 1976; Arias & Caballero, 1978; Sanchez, 1988; Rios Reyes, et al.
Due to the paucity of assay results Archer was reluctant to ascribe a grade range for the graphitic schist.
Researchers of University of New Mexico (USA), University of Arizona (USA), and University of Adelaide (Australia) presented results from a detailed geochronologic investigation of one of the oldest rock units of the Grand Canyon, the Vishnu Schist.
There is so much to love - the wild foxgloves by the side of the road, the year-round frost-free climate and the geraniums that hang from window boxes in the schist villages.
The schist melange also contains some small pockets of metadiorite-metagabbro as, for example, around the Middle Village.
From February to December 2000, the river stripped away about 82 mm of quartzite and 36 mm of schist.
Directly south of Kiser Creek, one section of the new US 27 roadcut was down cut approximately 50 feet into pyrite-rich schist.
To sample petroglyph weathering rinds for dating 'pieces of schist were chipped from each petroglyph with a tungsten-carbide needle' (Dorn 1997: 106), but he gives no information about how the 'organic matter in pores of weathering rind' was extracted and processed for dating.
To construct Central Park, many thousands of cartloads of top soil were imported from New Jersey and Long Island, hundreds of pounds of gun powder were used to blast the Manhattan schist bedrock for the sunken transverse roads, miles of clay pipe were laid to drain the landscape, and the land was regraded and paved to form a complex system of paths and drives.
Mineralization at the Graphite Creek Property is characterized by coarse crystalline (large flake) graphite (greater than 80 mesh) within graphite-bearing schist (s).
Highly graphitic schist was intersected from 28m to 71m.
2008) referring to the metamorphic rocks exposed in the northern sector of the Serrania deJarara and Serrania de Macuira and consisting of a large lithologic variety such as quartzite, quartz-schist, graphite schist, talc- tremolite schist and phyllite associated with blocks of serpentinites, gabbros, and blueschist.
In all there are 10 trees (including maples, ash, beech, burr oak and the obligatory willow) and three rocks of Manhattan schist (borrowed from Central Park).
Once standing, the tub wall was supported by 1,500 tiebacks, long steel rods anchored to a sturdy rock layer called mica schist, or bedrock, 70 feet below sea level.