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Synonyms for schism

Synonyms for schism

Synonyms for schism

division of a group into opposing factions


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the formal separation of a church into two churches or the withdrawal of one group over doctrinal differences

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Islamic unity in light of escalating tensions between Sunnis and Shiites was the other issue under scrutiny, "in view of the dangerous schism and simmering inter-Islamic strife.
After Clement VII and Urban VI died, the schism continued through their respective successors, Pope Boniface IX (who became the 'Roman' pope in 1389) and Benedict XIII (the Avignon antipope who was crowned in 1394).
Asked if he thought that there would be another schism in the church, Nikolchev said that he did not know, but already there was division within the Holy Synod, as well as a "schism" between the Holy Synod and the rank-and-file Orthodox Christian believers in Bulgaria.
McCoy's spree began with the newcomer Schism (3-1) in the Leicester Juvenile Fillies' Hurdle.
This reflects the deep schism within the entire Lebanese society," he added.
He co-wrote Schism but is also playing the lead role of deranged serial killer Carl in Schism who "kills to mend his fractured mind".
In 1998 Pimen repented in front of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, but after his death one year later the schism was flared up by his successor in the alternative synod Inokentii.
Differences on interpretation existed for centuries, but there were Fathers on both sides who attributed the schism to linguistic misunderstandings.
Summary: Tunis - Moroccan university researcher, Elyes Balka, won the 2010 International Prize of the President of the Republic of Tunisia for Islamic Studies for his book "the issue of the schism between Sunnis and Shiites: Origins and Solutions".
A companion to the great western schism (1378-1417).
Against this backdrop, Israel "presses forward undaunted with its settlement plots in Jerusalem," and uses inter-Palestinian schism as a pretext for its action, the paper added.
Last month, Pope Benedict, the head of the Roman Catholic church, angered Jewish leaders and many Catholics by lifting the excommunication of Williamson and three others in a bid to heal a 20-year-old schism within the Church.
Re: Essentials not the sole authors of this schism (February Anglican Journal).
Constantinople -- A special commission of Catholic and Orthodox officials has drafted a joint document that takes a step toward healing the schism of 1054 between East and West.
The history of the Great Western Schism (1378-1417), the period that witnessed a dual and later tricephalic papacy divided between an Avignonese, a Roman, and later a Pisan obedience, has usually found its niche in legal and theological writing.