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Synonyms for schema

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

Synonyms for schema

an internal representation of the world

a schematic or preliminary plan

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All early maladaptive schema domains were highly correlated with each other for both patients and intimate partners.
One-click re-compare: xSQL Schema Compare for SQL Server automatically saves all the configuration settings related to a comparison session and allows the user to repeat that comparison in the future with a single click.
Finally, in Section 4 we address how meta-structures in combination with the schema algebra can be exploited for systematic, component-based database schema design.
ii) Simple Structural Mappings: Schema element is one database is related to schema element/elements in another database.
UnitsML may be included in schema-based markup languages by referencing the UnitsML schema in an instance document.
It was inferred that if a student set up the problem correctly, then he or she understood that context and had selected an appropriate mathematics schema.
The Harmony project developed the ABC Ontology/Model (Lagoze & Hunter, 2001)--a top-level ontology to facilitate interoperability between metadata schemas within the digital library domain.
The XML Schema Importer is certified to run on Mercator Integration Broker Version 6.
Following an unexpected shift in life circumstances as a result of disability (Newsome & Kendall, 1996) the usefulness of existing schemas for understanding the world is likely to be challenged.
Presents the first comprehensive overview of schema therapy - goes far beyond all previous books on the subject to cover theoretical, research and practical perspectives
Keywords: GML storage, Schema Mapping, Spatial Data Interoperability, OGC Standards, Ontology
With over two years of development and testing through implementation, XML Schema provides an essential piece for XML to reach its full potential.
Microsoft has also created the Microsoft Repository, a database that stores descriptive information about data warehouse information such as database schema, data transformations, and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), which permits many datamarts to be integrated over time into a federated data warehouse, as well as extensive integration of third-party solutions and many other data warehouse services and features.
PilotFish Tool Provides Powerful Schema Management Capabilities Including Schema Cropping and Automated Sub-Schema Creation
Schema's Hubbing Optimizer Directly Leverages the LATTIS Tariff Pricing Database via a Joint Development of the Fully Integrated Schema LATTIS Link Adaptor
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