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Synonyms for scent

Synonyms for scent

the quality of something that may be perceived by the olfactory sense

a sweet or pleasant odor

evidence of passage left along a course followed by a hunted animal or fugitive

the sense by which odors are perceived

a piece of information useful in a search


to perceive with the olfactory sense

to fill with a pleasant odor

Synonyms for scent

a distinctive odor that is pleasant

an odor left in passing by which a person or animal can be traced

catch the scent of

apply perfume to


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References in classic literature ?
Just as the lion disappeared among the trees beyond the clearing Tarzan caught upon the down-coming wind the explanation of his new interest--the scent spoor of man was wafted strongly to the sensitive nostrils.
Sabor, the lioness, recognizing from a distance the scent of her lord and master intermingled with that of a Tarmangani and the hide of Horta, the boar, trotted through the aisles of the forest to investigate.
Suddenly he leaped forward and Tarzan knew that he had caught the scent of meat ahead.
The hairless ape-thing with the man scent was worst of all, for he had even the temerity to advance upon the ground to within a few yards of the Lord of the Jungle, that he might with greater accuracy and force hurl the sharp bits of granite and the heavy sticks at him.
And then he traversed the room like a hound on the scent, skimming the walls, considering the corners of the bulging matting on his hands and knees, rummaging mantel and tables, the curtains and hangngs, the drunken cabinet in the corner, for a visible sign, unable to perceive that she was there beside, around, against, within, above him, clinging to him, wooing him, calling him so poignantly through the finer senses that even his grosser ones became cognisant of the call.
The young tenant in the chair allowed these thoughts to file, soft- shod, through his mind, while there drifted into the room furnished sounds and furnished scents.
It's the turn of our house to find scent for big-side hare-and- hounds," exclaimed Tadpole.
After a few minutes' waiting, two well-known runners, chosen for the hares, buckled on the four bags filled with scent, compared their watches with those of young Brooke and Thorne, and started off at a long, slinging trot across the fields in the direction of Barby.
Here they break into a trot, scattering over the field to find the first traces of the scent which the hares throw out as they go along.
Tom, East, and the Tadpole had a good start, and are well up for such young hands, and after rising the slope and crossing the next field, find themselves up with the leading hounds, who have overrun the scent, and are trying back.
The scent, though still good, is not so thick; there is no need of that, for in this part of the run every one knows the line which must be taken, and so there are no casts to be made, but good downright running and fencing to be done.
The little girl, her father's favorite, ran up boldly, embraced him, and hung laughingly on his neck, enjoying as she always did the smell of scent that came from his whiskers.
My senses were gratified and refreshed by a thousand scents of delight and a thousand sights of beauty.
Quiet, Hector, quiet; what ruffles your temper, pup; is it not used to the scent of human blood?
The squatter and his brood have left a strong scent on the earth," said the old man, watching as he spoke for some signal from his learned pioneer to follow; "I hope yonder school-bred man knows enough to remember the errand on which I have sent him.