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Too many ideas and issues demand Ondaatje's attention, and he does little to impose order, preferring to let them float scenically past like the landscapes outside his Land Rover.
Lightly populated, full of scrappy forest, and often scenically uninspiring, this vast region almost seems designed for industries deemed undesirable by wildlife-loving urbanites.
Scenically, the circle of light containing the aunt on stage is illuminated with more intensity, and her words, which in contrast to the gunman's, express life-sustaining priorities (gardening, caring for family members, cooking for health and cure), actually break the surface and become audible.
Connemara may be all the tourist brochures claim it to be scenically, but that hardly compensates for the sheer pettiness of its life.
Of course that production, the acme of ballet romanticism, was a very far remove choreographically, scenically, and even esthetically from the Martins version.
Cynicism, which is the easiest and the most scenically appealing trick on the stage, doesn't need to be taught, and certainly didn't need to be taught then.
The May/June 2003 cover is the most scenically beautiful since March/April 1999's Yosemite's El Capitan.
Rising unemployment, political instability and a growing crime problem all serve to drive foreign tourists away from the scenically beautiful East African coastline.
Such sobriety of manner by no means indicated a lack of taste for adventure, for La Trobe was an enthusiastic and observant traveller, avid in his pursuit of the scientifically interesting and the scenically thought-provoking whenever his official duties allowed this indulgence.
Scenically, it's better seen from a distance as you approach from the east.
With a variety of meeting facilities and accommodations, culturally and scenically diverse regions, 99 conference and convention hotels, and 45,000 hotel rooms, San Diego provides you with many ways to make your event memorable.
He recalls one trip for Ford executives at affiliate Yes Bay Lodge, scenically situated on the Panhandle's pristine Cleveland Peninsula, where the auto company had rented the full 24-guest lodge for a corporate getaway.
We have miles of scenically designed bridle trails throughout 60 spectacular, 10-acre tracts, nearly a quarter of which have already sold," Jeff Forbes says.
1972: plates 210 & 228, excellent oblique air photographs of pastoral southern uplands, described scenically in the long captions but not analysed in terms of cultural process).
Ostrobothnia, the land to the east of the Gulf of Bothnia, is one of the world's most enervating places scenically.