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Veer Savarkar International Airport is located most scenically and strategically in the
Rather, one should go to see a country where non-consumerist ways of life still flourish--where much that is beautiful remains unspoiled, both scenically and in the people's spirit.
On shore, scenically carved sea caves make El Matador a favorite with photographers, often seen snapping away at leggy models.
Writing in 1976 for The Ore Bin, a publication of the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, two geologists described it this way: "Steens Mountain, in Harney County, is Oregon's highest and scenically grandest fault-block mountain.
As such, Byron Bay hosts a wealth of natural assets provided by its rainforests and beaches, which make the area scenically attractive to visitors and residents and provides a range of recreation and leisure opportunities.
THIS unforgettable cruise from Leith, Edinburgh includes visits to great fjords - including mighty Sognefjord and breathtaking Hardangerfjord - and calls at ports that capture the very best of the beauty of stunning Western Norway, one of the most scenically spectacular corners of the world.
Turnberry is probably the most scenically attractive golf course in the world and it's great to be coming back," said Dawson.
The Menai bridges, university and pier are wonderful attractions, and scenically, the golf course is one of the best.
Both universities produced drama of one kind and another, acted by their members, right up to the time of the wars: the Inns, however, were patrons rather than performers of drama from at least the 1580s onward, their resident gentlemen choosing rather to display their skills in the unvocalized art of formal dancing, framed in the elaborately costumed and scenically decorated masques, many of which were taken to the royal court.
FLH now has expertise and a reputation for planning, designing, and constructing transportation facilities in some of the most environmentally, historically, culturally, and scenically sensitive areas of the country.
Are their hotel getaways in the Los Angeles area that are so scenically remote, lavishly stylish and atmospherically romantic that you can imagine you are staying in a luxury hotel in Europe or the Caribbean; or, perhaps, sailing to Europe?
It's a story that could be told scenically and explore the themes of hope and the human side of medicine.
Management of this vast forested, scenically beautiful region, so dependent on natural resources, is prescribed by the sovereign jurisdictions of the United States, Canada and their semi sovereign federal regions, Michigan and Ontario, plus numerous sub-regional governments, including counties, cities, municipalities and other special districts.
The coast of California remains one of the more attractive locations in the world, scenically, and much of it enjoys the added benefit of location near centers of large personal and corporate wealth, and the ability to produce world class wines on a par with the very best.
Living in Ottawa and experiencing all that the region has to offer scenically and culturally was a great experience for me and my family.