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Synonyms for scene

Synonyms for scene

the place where an action or event occurs

the properties, backdrops, and other objects arranged for a dramatic presentation


existing surroundings that affect an activity

Synonyms for scene

the place where some action occurs

an incident (real or imaginary)

Related Words

a consecutive series of pictures that constitutes a unit of action in a film

a situation treated as an observable object

a subdivision of an act of a play

a display of bad temper

graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept

the context and environment in which something is set

the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale

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To further examine the effect scene processing on subjective duration judgments, the current experiments utilized different manipulations of scene information: orientation (Experiments 1 and 2) and color (Experiments 3 and 4).
In Advanced Crime Scene Photography, Christopher Duncan assumes a basic understanding of photography as a whole and the specific differences to crime scene photography.
The nativity scene was removed Monday to avoid potential legal costs, though the atheist group did not make a legal threat, according to a statement from City Manager Shawn Oubre's office obtained by the Beaumont Enterprise.
One scene deleted was Shailene Woodley's ("Divergent") cameo role as Mary Jane.
To create the scene, Quinn supervised a team of artists as they painted the background scenery, sculpted the human figures, and created the setting where they stand.
This is followed by the joyful Triumphal Entry scene, depicting Jesus arriving in Jerusalem to the cheers and adulation of a crowd of townspeople while several disgruntled Pharisees shout angry accusations at the Son of God.
The social scene Your weekends are destined to be jam-packed with lotsa pal posses.
Eighty-percent of what passes as hardcore is not being played with the same sense of urgency they had when the scene was created.
Among the many virtues of Lee's directorial mastery is the way it melds a brilliant cast and cinematography with a subtle grasp of constricting circumstance to bring a profound empathetic touch to every episode, scene and smallest nuance.
lt;/pre> <p>In the mock crime scene, we develop a careful plot which requires the students to use the forensics techniques learned in class/lab and also to observe the scene with the keen eye of an author.
Bhangra, mixed with house, hiphop, reggae and Western synthesizers and percussion, soon became an integral part of the club scene in London as did prominent artists like Panjabi MC, Bally Sagoo, Apache Indian and Saqi.
The innuendo, and sometimes-explicit sexual imagery, of the six paintings that are part of his ongoing sequence of "Bedroom Scenes," immediately suggest as much.
These are reasonably useful divisions, though it isn't always clear why a particular scene is in one category and not another.
The centerpiece of the scene was a bus with a black Lincoln Continental jammed right into its side, tires sticking out, like a giant beetle pinned on it back.
The "closet screenplay" offers a formal lesson in the politics of "mainstream" markets, crossover campaigns, and race relations at the salt point in American history where calls for integration recede and self-determination surfaces on a national scene increasingly dominated by visual culture.