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Synonyms for scenario



  • situation
  • sequence of events
  • chain of events
  • course of events
  • series of developments

Words related to scenario

an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work)

a setting for a work of art or literature

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a postulated sequence of possible events

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Each normalized frequency represents the number of times a scenario would occur in the number of years equal to the maximum frequency in the scenario data (in this example, 62 years).
In recent years, as the use of policy models gradually became more commonplace and the models became better able to capture changes in policy, the use of scenario planning in regional transportation planning also began to take hold.
In Scenario 1, meat was directly replaced with dairy products.
Scenario planning can help overcome these difficulties.
1 million and $30 million, compared to the existing zoning scenario revenue projection of $9.
Overall, the research using scenarios has found that individuals are more willing to share their own views after reading about a case study, because the scenario provides a better focus for their thoughts (Echiejile, 1994; Grossman, 1994).
The second scenario is the same, except the buyout price may be determined by an "amend ed value option" under which the employee can hire a broker to locate a prospective buyer who will offer more than the appraised value.
The second scenario is the same, except the buyout price may be determined by an "amended value option," which provides an employee (1) with a buyout price equal to the appraised value as a floor and (2) the ability to sell the house to the employer at a higher price.
The Global Orchestration scenario reflects a globally connected society focused on international trade and economic liberalization that also takes strong steps to reduce problems such as poverty and inequality and to invest in public infrastructure and education.
Scenario planning has become a common tool in long-term strategic decision making.
Nevertheless, the awkwardness of a "closet screenplay" becomes a great asset in a text whose very title bespeaks an inability to fit Malcolm X into one narrative location: One Day, When I Was Lost: A Scenario Based on Alex Haley's The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
In the basic scenario, the government debt, which fell to a revised 107.
Navigating the Future With Scenario Planning: A Guidebook for Librarians
Scenario Planning has its origins in military intelligence and its use of discipline in Operations Research during World War II.