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Synonyms for scavenger

a chemical agent that is added to a chemical mixture to counteract the effects of impurities

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someone who collects things that have been discarded by others

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any animal that feeds on refuse and other decaying organic matter

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The scavenger hunt will begin Saturday, March 17, and continue through Tuesday, March 20.
Dubai Cares launched Scavenger Hunt, from January 8 to 29, asking participants to hunt for 15 art pieces hidden inside light bulb structures and placed across key locations in Dubai.
com/articles/s41559-017-0421-2) Nature Ecology & Evolution investigates the role predator and scavenger species play in the human world.
Since losing her scavenger father at the age of five, Tempest has been a loyal member of the AgraStar family.
It is more likely that the tunnels were formed by a scavenger worm [after the dino had died].
According to a research carried out by The Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment, Lahore, the average working hours of a child scavenger are 11 hours daily.
They left the second plate uncovered so any scavenger could eat the food.
com)-- Thrill of the Hunt is proud to announce the return of the Singles Scavenger Hunt at the Ireland's Four Courts in Arlington, VA, on the evening of Saturday, September 19th.
Eccentric mastermind Garrison Griswold, founder of the popular Book Scavenger website, is about to launch an elaborate new game when his plans are violently interrupted.
Rule, Valus, and Tattum developed an oxygen scavenger for containers containing a wall-embedded palladium catalyst and a closure containing a hydride.
Geniosil XL 70 arylalkoxysilane monomer is designed as a water scavenger for silane-curing adhesive and sealant formulations.
Marketed as Geniosil XL 70, this additive is designed as a water scavenger for silane-curing adhesive and sealant formulations.
Though engaging a manual scavenger in India is an offence now, social workers say the manual scavenging in not over as yet.
This is the first book in the 'Scavenger' series and the story is told by 14 year old York, a scavenger, who battles bravely against the constantly evolving Zoids with the help of strange creatures and 'ancient' robots.
EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, has approved the use of the active substances palladium metal and hydrogen gas, intended for use as an oxygen scavenger in packs of food or beverages at room temperature or below.