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covering a wide range in a haphazard way

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Gee said the scattershot approach to dealing with homelessness will be discussed for the next several months--especially as the Legislature moves into session.
T]here is something about The Way the World Works that feels a little scattershot.
The paper's legal approach to this matter before the current lawsuit has been scattershot at best.
He had been scattershot friendly to me over the years, with occasional bursts of intensity, especially when he was launching a new product that he wanted on the cover of TIME or featured on CNN, places where I'd worked.
As part of the scattershot topics covered on VF Daily, Lalinde interviewed Michael Lewis, who covers the European debt crisis (a subject our own Savita Iyer-Ahrestani discusses on page 74 of this issue) and Germany's role in it in the September issue of Vanity Fair, to tease out what international investors can expect from troubled countries in Europe.
The city is awash, by early January, in scattershot spreads of bright yellow and purple and pinks.
They were rad and got him loads of fans and a girlfriend and all that, but in the end, the old stuff was too scattershot to make a lasting impression.
GURINDER CHADHA, director of Bend It Like Beckham and Bride And Prejudice, shares her affection for Frank Capra and the Ealing comedies of the 1940s and 1950s in this scattershot, feelgood romantic comedy.
It's a scattershot approach fisheries managers are taking, with micro-managed decisions made before the impacts of past decisions have been evaluated.
Women's Wear Daily: Does a scattershot list of gay Timesmen a mafia make?
James Scurlock's well-meaning but scattershot documentary "Maxed Out" means to show what happens when you don't shred those annoying credit-card offers that arrive in your mailbox everyday.
But his list of memes is such a casual, scattershot affair, ignoring religion's mighty community-building, life-enhancing, paradigm-shaping, sense-infusing, joy-inducing, brain-transforming features--and concentrating instead on superficial, obvious targets like the Qur'an's visions of houris.
The National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, has been roundly maligned since it opened last fall, and the sheer range of critical charges--from insufficient scholarly contextualization and scattershot exhibitions to annoying electronic touch displays and too many gift shops--testifies to the difficulty of addressing Native American history in the nation's capital.
Today, analysts at the RAND Corporation are saying "Just Say No" to scattershot national drug strategies, and a new paper explains their thinking.