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covering a wide range in a haphazard way

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Prone to inconsistency, redundancy, shelf-life problems with time-bound pieces and an overall scattershot effect, they often seem less than the sum of their parts.
It's a scattershot approach fisheries managers are taking, with micro-managed decisions made before the impacts of past decisions have been evaluated.
gt;In a nutshell: Scattershot satire of everything we're doing wrong in occupied Islamic countries.
To call the script scattershot is probably more accurate than you might think.
More than 7,500 Measure 37 claims pertaining to upwards of 750,000 acres across Oregon set the stage for scattershot development.
But his list of memes is such a casual, scattershot affair, ignoring religion's mighty community-building, life-enhancing, paradigm-shaping, sense-infusing, joy-inducing, brain-transforming features--and concentrating instead on superficial, obvious targets like the Qur'an's visions of houris.
Strangely enough, she thereby creates the scope for a possible (anthropological) narrative, just barely permitting her allusions to be pieced together to form a compelling, if scattershot, film on paper.
The DNC, as might be expected, has responded, though its approach might best be described as scattershot.
Today, analysts at the RAND Corporation are saying "Just Say No" to scattershot national drug strategies, and a new paper explains their thinking.
Queer-popular Burning Man (August 29-September 5) is composed of art installations, scattershot events, and wacky theme camps.
Rather than the scattershot approach to philanthropy that Southern used in the past, Baldwin focused the company's efforts on one town in the form of the Delta Bridge Project, a partnership with the Walton Family Foundation.
It is also, at times, a bit scattershot in its approach, uncertain of its genre--be it personal memoir or cultural and political history--and even, it sometimes seems, of its point of view.
The piece is loaded with ambition but too long, and saddled with welcome but scattershot humor.
Such scattershot contamination will eliminate choice in the marketplace, neutralizing one of the most powerful tools wielded by common citizens.