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Synonyms for scattering

Synonyms for scattering

a small number (of something) dispersed haphazardly

the physical process in which particles are deflected haphazardly as a result of collisions

a light shower that falls in some locations and not others nearby

spreading widely or driving off

the act of scattering

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The size of the void is designed to optimize light scattering efficiency when it is dispersed into a continuous polymeric medium.
Past theoretical studies have evaluated the scattering efficiency of optimized HPP to be about 8 to 10 times smaller than rutile titanium dioxide pigments (Ti[O.
In the new high-resolution imaging method, called Speckle Correlation Resolution Enhancement (SCORE), the object is placed on the substrate of the scattering material and the laser light is shone onto the scattering surface.
Covering the theory and practice of molecular weight measurements using static light scattering, Malvern says the basic guide serves as both an introduction for those with no prior knowledge of the technique and a reference document for anyone looking to enhance their understanding.
Light scattering detectors are used extensively within GPC/SEC detection systems to determine exact molecular mass, particularly in the development of polymer, protein and macromolecular species.
From the view of radar signal processing, scattering center model is more practical than scattering characteristics as it is provides straight relationship between the signatures in radar images and the physical features of targets, and thus are broadly used in many radar applications, such as shape, velocity and other physical parameters estimation [6,7], automatic target recognition (ATR) [8,9], radar image interpretation [10-12], and radar data compression [13-15], etc.
In order to identify the scattering mechanisms, Cloude and Pottier [13] proposed to partition the H-[alpha] plane into eight zones, and further refine the results by utilizing the anisotropy A [15].
People can scattering ashes on private property in all 50 states.
Hiding occurs when the penetration of incident light through a film is reduced, either by light scattering or by light absorption.
Keywords Light scattering, Dependent scattering, Rutile titanium dioxide pigments, Multiple scattering
Microwave Network Design Using the Scattering Matrix is a recommended pick for college-level engineering and technology collections and offers technical details on the parameters of the scattering matrix for electrical engineers working with microwave circuits and systems.
X-ray scattering is one of the most effective methods for determining the structure of materials on the nanoscale.
In a volume based on courses he taught at Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and Rennes (France) Universities, Yafaev describes applications of scattering theory methods to differential operators, primarily the Schrodinger operator.
A spectrometer with an integrating sphere (IS) detector was used to measure the absorbance due to scattering and absorption.
2 : to spread by scattering <I strewed crumbs for the birds.