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firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges

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It is not only the big steel producers who should be alarmed at the US President's scattergun approach to tariffs -- Saudi Arabia and the Gulf economies, indeed the entire global trading system, will feel the effects of the fallout
adopted scattergun to player Let's be honest, United won the title last season simply because Robin van Persie scored 30 goals.
Rather, he has some scattergun fun in a Bill Bryson-esque kind of way.
There are many areas throughout Wales where the Welsh language is thriving, perhaps it would be better for our national government to concentrate their limited resources to those areas so that at least in those areas the Welsh language will grow and flourish, rather that a scattergun effect across all of Wales where in general many don't wish to take up the call.
This scattergun style of planning fails to show any consideration of existing environmental problems, one of the biggest being the traffic flow over Yarm Bridge, currently averaging 1,600 per hour.
99 each they aren't exactly cheap but if you do much scattergun work the price is well worth it as these devices will spare you the time and effort of removing dents by hand.
However, he is facing criticism for being a lightning rod for the anger and fears of his apparent constituency, at the same time being a scattergun of accusations of racism in front of the media.
lt;p>"The hackers are becoming smarter, exchanging the traditional scattergun approach for carefully considered attacks, targeting fewer websites with higher traffic and multiple pages generating a more effective and efficient attack.
The hackers are becoming smarter," said Carl Leonard, Websense's senior research manager, "exchanging the traditional scattergun approach for carefully considered attacks.
But he said there was no need for "a scattergun of initiatives".
Rhode had offered a $5,000 reward-though she figured the scattergun was probably a goner.
JELLE KLAASEN'S scattergun approach to darts doesn't bode well for his match prospects against James Wade in Sheffield this evening, writes Steve Davies.
A slow-burning dub instrumental made way for the frenzied scattergun guitars of Riot Radio, still the band's most colourful fusion of mainstream punk and ska.
AIDAN O'BRIEN'S scattergun approach to the Ladbrokes St Leger can pay off with Macarthur.