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Synonyms for scattergood

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

Synonyms for scattergood

someone who spends money prodigally

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Scattergood, aged 20, told the victim to tell anyone who asked that she was 16.
As managers, Akins and O'Brien spent June through August researching homelessness --a topic chosen by the Scattergood Foundation --and conducting informant interviews before announcing the challenge.
Ms Scattergood thanked him for coming along to the college to talk to the students studying on full and part-time courses at the centre.
It is by no means easy to delineate a clear trajectory here, but Scattergood confronts and clarifies the various contradictions apparent in Skelton's writing (his changing views about Wolsey, for example), and interprets them as the inevitable results of his strong, often irascible, engagement with events taking place around him.
David unveiled the lamp, together with descendants of Jack Hughes and William Scattergood.
Dublin, Ireland) present a festschrift in honor of John Scattergood, a former professor of medieval and renaissance literature at Trinity College Dublin.
Ms Scattergood had suffered a heart attack the previous day and was due for assessment to see if she was suitable for surgery at the Mater on July 21, 2009.
Scattergood was drawn to holography because, he told Holography News, he felt his his paintings (bold geometrical patterns akin to Bridget Riley's work), were constrained in two dimensions.
In "Dublin, Trinity College Library MS 75: A Lollard Bible and Some Protestant Owners," Scattergood writes, with Guido Latre, about the fascinating history of a miscellany well-known as a witness to the Lollard movement.
The hotel group held a topping out ceremony where operations director John Deighan and sales and marketing director Austen Scattergood sealed a time capsule containing up-to-the-minute news coverage and local items.
Private Luke Scattergood, aged 18, was being treated in hospital after an incident at the Princess Royal Barracks at Gutersloh, Germany.
The Scattergood Friends School, near West Branch, Iowa, has been awarded the 2004 Best School Recycling Program prize by the Iowa Recycling Association (IRA).
Scattergood on any public buildings or statues around town, and we ought to.
Roberts sued DeMay and Scattergood when she discovered that the man who had accompanied her physician to her home on the night of the birth was "but a jeweller and tinker of watches.
Three days later, in Chesterfield Magistrates' Court, William Hill's campaign against illegal betting bore fruit when Nigel Scattergood of The Grouse Inn had his liquor licence revoked for allowing betting on his premises.