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a flighty and disorganized person

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Looking at this question, there are a number of fundamental issues which we need to acknowledge before embarking on any scatterbrain scheme to become energy self-sufficient.
I have tried in the past, but with my scatterbrain, by mid-January I've forgotten my goals.
Image: Kindly scatterbrain Best known for: Her association with Victoria Wood Early life: Born Celia Diana Savile Imrie in Guildford, Surrey, on July 15, 1952.
Although Michael dies on his way to become a war hero, and Henry's scatterbrain dreams do no more than give him hope as he quietly breathes his last in bed under Lydia's loving care, both succumb to the prevailing influenza pandemic.
On their reality show Ice Loves Coco, rapper-actor Ice T and his wife Nicole "Coco" Austin come across as a happy pairing of a funny grump and an adorable scatterbrain.
This profligacy raises a question: What is so intellectually or culturally empty in these scatterbrain Texas towns that watching male teenagers violently hitting and mauling each other fills the void?
Or if anybody do someting das scatterbrain, we tell, "Eh, who you tink you, Michelle Fernandez?
The specifications may be too basic for a technophile, but the VF 150 is a perfect buy for those who want their devices fuss-free (think grandparents) or those who can't help forgetting their phones in restaurants, cabs, etc (think scatterbrain aunt).
22) Bernice Thurman Hunter: That Scatterbrain Booky, 1981
This earned him a stinging rebuke from Napoleon for having disobeyed orders to pursue the Russians "with your sword in their kidneys" and instead behaving "like a scatterbrain.
A scatterbrain who's always late for everything, she prefers playing baseball with boy buddies Chiaki and Kousuke to hanging out with the giggling girls watching from the sidelines.
The usually dippy cleaner makes a truly beautiful bride - and Charlotte will be cheering along with the soap's army of fans as her scatterbrain character finally ties the knot with her dream man next Sunday.
However, there's so many of them, inventive scatterbrain Wallace decides to combine the Bun-Vac with his new Mind-o-Matic machine to brainwash the rabbits into wanting to eat cheese rather than vegetables.
Recently dismissed Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill stated in his book that the planning for an invasion of Iraq was well underway before 9-11 and found himself denounced as a scatterbrain who didn't know what he was talking about.