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Synonyms for scatter

Synonyms for scatter

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

Synonyms for scatter

a haphazard distribution in all directions

the act of scattering

to cause to separate and go in different directions

sow by scattering

Related Words

cause to separate

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The form of scatter diagram on standard 2-simplex plane also provided a visualization method for analyzing scattering mechanisms of the model-based decomposition.
Both VLDL and chylomicrons effectively scatter light, causing turbidity.
There's not really a dominant fiber in the bath and scatter rug industry," she said, indicating an opportunity for retailers to create more awareness of the cotton rug product and duplicate the brand's success in bath and bedding home textiles.
This is the heart of the device since the small volume of blend inside the sphere is illuminated by the laser beam and expected to scatter the light.
Different components in skin and tissue scatter or refract light differently, and that is why skin and tissue are opaque.
Mote (1962), drawing from a sample of 178, found that the average number of inquiries requiring thirty or more minutes to answer per person during a three@year period was, for the low to high scatter group, 1.
Although this example is the worst case (it assumes no absorption of incident power in the antenna load), it does indicate the potential magnitude of the problem presented to the radar cross section reduction (RCSR) designer by antenna scatter.
Eliminating the need to use an anti-scatter grid during certain types of X-ray examinations, this Scatter Control feature can help provide several key benefits for both healthcare professionals and their patients as compared to imaging with the grid, including increased productivity and patient comfort, all without compromising image quality.
From the optical point of view, the pigments are the only elements that efficiently scatter light and thereby contribute to the opacity.
Mineral fillers scatter light by virtue of the light-scattering surfaces that become available when filler is incorporated in the dried fiber web.
As a result, crystalline polymers tend to scatter light more than amorphous polymers and, therefore, the former appear less transparent.
It the entrance hall at the Musee Cantini stood 25 Cedar Solid, 1992, a compact mass in which that number of beams, each measuring 12 by 12 by 36 inches, were butted together vertically; in the room beyond was 25 Cedar Scatter, made at the same time, in which the same number of the same-size beams were spread all over the floor in an apparently random horizontal order.
His topics include quantifying surface roughness, the polarization of scattered light, predicting scatter from roughness, published scatter standards, and scatter specifications.
When photons from the CMB strike the gas, they scatter and gain energy.
The lower peak indicates the slow scatter caused by Bragg shift and orbital motion, and the higher one indicates the fast scatter caused by wind drift.