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dealing pruriently with excrement and excretory functions

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a very personal, yet shockingly common, scatological question (3 2 3 2?
The humour is crude and scatological and the language disgusting beyond imagination.
The first sentence of the ``Nikki'' press kit notes Helford has won a Peabody Award, thereby hopefully linking this show - which in an upcoming episode has a child spouting a scatological acronym - with uplifting entertainment.
Fortunately nobody mentioned this to language-savouring writer Malcolm McKay or visionary director Andy Wilson, who, in adapting the first two novels, have inspirationally thrown in everything from scatological dialogue to Phantom of the Opera, Lear and Hamlet.
The work is scatological and scathing, but what sets it apart from the Charles Rays and Paul McCarthys to which it might be compared is a fascination with female sexuality that places waifish/wastrel youth on a continuum with monstrous age and, in a caustic way, venerates both.
The fivesome's mildly amusing second effort, which has seen tremendous success in Europe, where it was released last year, forges a blend of rock, hip-hop, samples, '80s synths and insipid scatological lyrics that will appeal to younger listeners.
Slapper Dave, one half of Leeds band Supercharger, isn't keen on being bundled in the same bag, despite the duo's predilection for stuttering drums, unchained guitar riffs and scatological rap.
To view Spero's "War Series 1966-70" without simultaneously considering the current political climate simply wasn't possible; and the remarkable fact that these vibrant, scatological gouache-and-ink paintings on paper had never been shown in the United States raised larger questions about artistic production and censorship during political crises past and present.
McNeil (Mark Harmon) could only helplessly sum up a disastrous incident with a monumentally unlucky patient with the philosophical bromide, ``S happens,'' the first time said scatological bon mot wittingly hit prime-time airwaves.
In this mock-up army camp, physical and video-projected evidence of regressive activity (from scatological sculptures in hardened oat-mix to a video of McCarthy simulating sex with a chocolate-smeared hole cut into a table) mingles with video documentation of live performances that torpedoes any illusionist momentum generated by aspects of the mise-en-scene.
Bathroom humor is in, says the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly, noting that there is an excess in ``The Spy Who Shagged Me'' and that even ``The Phantom Menace'' has two scatological jokes - for example, when Jar Jar steps in excrement.
After a remarkably scatological sequence in a company washroom, where the clerks retreat to count their bonuses, a young man sticks up for an older employee and winds up getting fired.
Judging by ``BASEketball'' and now this thing, Trey Parker, one of the creators of ``South Park,'' should stick to scatological cable cartoons.
The first gallery in the MOCA exhibition centered on the "Abandoned Houses" and two related series: a group of photos of modernist chairs upended as though offering their asses for penetration, and a grid of irreverent Xerox collages that introduce inappropriately tacky objects or scatological acts (say, a mooning biker chick) into the refined spaces of LA's now glorified midcentury Case Study houses.
Meanwhile, the lewd scribblings and scatological surfacing of Cy Twombly's paintings turn into the fluid graffiti, absurd Styrofoamball clusters, and acrylic clottings of Dunham's canvases of the '90s.