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a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


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a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification

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If you had a mission at one of these sites, sampling the layers going down the scarp, you could get a detailed climate history of Mars," suggested MRO Deputy Project Scientist Leslie Tamppari of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.
CHUCK WOOD would prefer to study the rim scarps of lunar craters by repelling down one.
Both are characterized by low-lying granite scarps that distinctly outline partially in-filled shallow basins.
Ultimately, all SCARP soil samples were analysed, with the exception of those that were lost, and the complete SCARP Soil Carbon Database is available for download and use (Baldock et al.
Some of the longer west-flowing rivers such as the Onkaparinga, Torrens, Gawler, Light, and Broughton not only developed prominent strike tributaries but they rise much nearer the eastern than the western scarp.
The artist grew up in Wood End, Coventry with few opportunities and it's as a youngster that he first began doodling on scarp pieces of paper, using art as an escape from his life.
The bank, which is headquartered in Zurich, has also agreed to carry out a past business review, overseen by an independent third party, in relation to Scarp purchases during the period identified.
Most of the cargo shipments going through Port Burgas consist of grain, raw materials, scarp, lumber, and equipment and parts of renewable energy plants.
The areas around the scarp yards were cordoned off till the operations were on.
The decision to scarp the import duty on soybean may be followed with the same measure on imported wheat flour, Mari said.
It is more than 200-km-long and 133 km of this is represented by a well-pronounced morphotectonic scarp.
In 1934 he disastrously experimented with firing mail by rocket between the isles of Scarp and Harris.
Rifkin said processing improvements have enabled OmniSource to turn around its streams of industrial scrap at a 15-day average while obsolete scarp inventory turns over in 30 days on average.
The new projects will be a plastic container and package recycling project to manufacture plastic pallets and pellets, a fluorescent light recycling project to recycle ferrule and glass, and a scarp wood recycling project to recycle scrap wood as a raw material for paper manufacturers.