scarlet woman

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a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment

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She also proved to be quite the scarlet woman in a red two-piece set complete with suspenders.
The whole village is talking about Cai and Ffion's affair and how Ffion's developed a reputation as a scarlet woman.
Pick striking eyes or bright I lips but never both or you'll look more scarlet woman than Scarlet Johansson.
Apart from the interestingly Freudian dressing of the Mother/Witch as a torchy scarlet woman, all the characters are clad in brightly basic calico, with the fabric of Gretel's decidedly short smock stiffened to such an extent that it constantly bulges out front as well as showing her knickers more often than not.
EMMA JOHNSON shows you how to get the celebrities' looks for less Amanda | Holden is a scarlet woman here.
Fashionably | Be a scarlet woman with these hot new buys, writes EMMA JOHNSON Lady in red.
Her character Katy Armstrong is the scarlet woman of Weatherfield, cheating on long-term fella Chesney Brown with bad boy Ryan Connor.
I NEITHER know nor really care whether Angela Dawes, the latest lottery multi-millionaire, is or isn't a scarlet woman, far less a monster mother who threw her 12-year-old son out of both the family house and her life.
NEW ID I-POUT IN SCARLET (pounds 15) BE a scarlet woman with this pinky red.
BLOW IT - Be a scarlet woman with Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in the new shade of Hollywood Red for pounds 14.
But despite the body language in this photo, insiders at the Christmas bash reckoned scarlet woman Charlotte had a whale of a time.
The phrase Scarlet Woman takes on a whole new meaning next Friday - it's Ladies Night at Stradey.
Team red and pink, a colour combination that was once a fashion no-no, and you've got that gypsy spirit and a touch of the scarlet woman too.
Scarlet woman Sunita clearly has no shame if she can stay at the Rovers - the home of Stella, the woman she betrayed by sleeping with her fella Karl.
Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor in the long-running soap, will play the show's original 1960s scarlet woman in Street Of Dreams.