scarlet plume

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Mexican shrub often cultivated for its scarlet-bracted flowers

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Dunlop took this contest with Scarlet Plume in 1995 and Barafamy 12 months ago.
Gr1), Senebrova (Gr3), Torch Rouge (Gr2), Annus Mirabilis (Gr3), Bishop Of Cashel (Gr2), Charnwood Forest (Gr2), Decorated Hero (Gr2), Inzar (Gr3), Armando Carpio (Gr2), Scarlet Plume (Gr3), Warningford (Gr3), Diktat (Prix Maurice de Gheest-Gr1), Zelding (Gr3), Endorsement (Gr3).
Trainer John Dunlop, who also won this race with Scarlet Plume three years ago, said: "She looked in a bit of trouble turning for home, but stayed on well and won pretty easily in the end.
Three scarlet plumes sprouted from his helm, the mark of a former champion, and he rode a heavy-set Cleveland with feathered hocks.
The black and scarlet plumes from the chimneys seemed thicker.