scarlet fever

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an acute communicable disease (usually in children) characterized by fever and a red rash

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I am telling Konstantin Dmitrievitch about Turovtsin in the scarlet fever," she said, bending over to her sister.
The good soul was wide awake in a minute, and took the lead at once, assuring that there was no need to worry; every one had scarlet fever, and if rightly treated, nobody died, all of which Jo believed, and felt much relieved as they went up to call Meg.
I advise you to be off as soon as you can, for scarlet fever is no joke, miss.
He found that owing to the death from scarlet fever of one of the boys in the Sixth there had been some shifting in the studies and Rose was no longer in his.
He had had all the diseases that babies are heir to, in quick succession, scarlet fever, mumps, and whooping cough in the first year, and now he was down with the measles.
Helena the introduction of scarlet fever is dreaded as a plague.
To let a sad thought or a bad one get into your mind is as dangerous as letting a scarlet fever germ get into your body.
The man who escaped smallpox went down before scarlet fever.
If one of the little things should happen to die, and there's lots of scarlet fever about, why that would fetch it up at once to a round hundred thousand.
All this was gall and wormwood to the heart of Gabriel Grub; and when groups of children bounded out of the houses, tripped across the road, and were met, before they could knock at the opposite door, by half a dozen curly-headed little rascals who crowded round them as they flocked upstairs to spend the evening in their Christmas games, Gabriel smiled grimly, and clutched the handle of his spade with a firmer grasp, as he thought of measles, scarlet fever, thrush, whooping-cough, and a good many other sources of consolation besides.
He was big enough to carry typhus by the ton, and to dye the very carpet he walked on with scarlet fever.
From the start of the year up to March 4, 164 suspected cases of scarlet fever were reported to Public Health England (PHE) in west London.
Nick Phin, deputy director at Public Health England which collates the results, said: "It's not uncommon to see a rise in cases of scarlet fever at this time of year.
In the week ending February 4, 54 suspected cases of scarlet fever were reported to Public Health England (PHE) in the West Midlands area.
In the week ending February 11, 97 suspected scarlet fever cases were reported to Public Health England (PHE) from this region.