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an acute communicable disease (usually in children) characterized by fever and a red rash

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Scarlet fever is also known as scarlatina, although this often refers to a milder form of the disease.
An epidemic of measles and scarlatina raged in the nearby mining communities of Cannock and Rugeley during the early 1880s.
Unfortunately, this boy also died in December 1802 when he was five, probably of diphtheria or scarlatina.
14 Developments in bacteriology led the young Conan Doyle to feel confident that within two generations, scourges like consumption, typhus, typhoid, cholera, malaria, scarlatina, diphtheria, and measles might cease to exist.
scarlatina scarlatina Vriesea cowellii Werauhia cowellii 278 Vriesea gigantea Werauhia gigantea 280 Vriesea imperiales Alcantarea imperiales 284 Ayensua uaipanensis Brocchinia uaipanensis 305 Brocchinia gilmartini Brocchinia gilmartiniae 316 Navia hohenbergioides Brewcaria hohenbergioides 342 Pitcairnia altensteinii Pitcairnia altensteini var.
There were periodic outbreaks of measles and scarlatina, and serious epidemics of cholera in 1851 and of smallpox which killed 4000 in 1871-72.
The county medical examiner's office is asked to evaluate the imagery to determine if the injuries are consistent with scarlatina or child abuse.