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WARNED Myleene Klass was told by police she should not have used a knife to scare off men in her garden.
This is in disregard to the Director General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) guidelines as a bird scarer has to be a matriculate and his antecedents They are supposed to be trained about the type of firecrackers to be used to scare off the birds.
SCARE STORY: A Robop, a mechanical peregrine falcon being installed in the city centre to scare off pigeons
Hoots the ornamental owl used by staff at Birmingham Snow Hill Station to scare off pigeons has been stolen.
THE inventor of a burglar alarm which automatically fires a blank shotgun cartridge to scare off intruders today told of the necessity of his device in the light of the Tony Martin case.
As legend goes, he claimed the Devil lurked there, hoping to scare off his workers from filching his prized bottles.
The owls will scare off the gulls for a bit, but after a while I think they'll take no notice and it will be business as usual.
Just the words "parliamentary procedure," however, are enough to scare off a meeting novice, but a book is available that makes Robert's Rules of Order understandable even to the timid layman.
Governments whistle in the dark to scare off the demons as they come in range of the graveyard.
The price tag might scare off all but the most committed music fiends, but if you listen to the experts at Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Boulder Amplifiers' goods are "about as close to perfect as you can get.
But a real book, written in your take-no-prisonerss-the-infidels-are-at-the-gate prose style, might finally scare off Dubya for good.
Grace said: "I have my 'rattling gear' (poles tied with rattles and plastic bags) to scare off the birds.
A FARMER fired blanks into the air to scare off two men he thought were burglars.