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Synonyms for scare






Synonyms for scare

Synonyms for scare

sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events

a sudden attack of fear

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SCARE FACTOR: They're older, maybe even wiser and kind of intimidating to be around.
Halloween Scare On The Ellen DeGeneres Show: TV Host Scares Celebrity Guest Jake Gyllenhaal With Male Staff Dressed As 'Annabelle' Doll [VIDEO] - [(http://au.
It appears to us that the scare spilled over to beef as well", added the consultants.
com is updated frequently to include the latest scares.
Not only were both men athletes, actors, and activists who fought for Civil Rights in the US and who championed the cause of self-rule and autonomy of African nations, men whose careers suffered from Red Scare propaganda, McCarthyism, and the anticommunist movement, but they were close friends and at one time neighbors.
In addition, personal alarms are considerably louder than medical-grade, anti-fall monitors because they are designed to scare away a would be perpetrator.
A scare is a fraudulent business scheme that robs consumers of their money.
Earlton Airport manager Dalton Potter says Air North experienced a 60-per-cent decline in business during the buildup to the Iraq war and at the height of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) scare in Toronto.
Yet, because of the localistic nature of American public education, older and newer approaches often coexisted, cheek by jowl, in FLE curricula, and graphic illustrations of the effects o f venereal disease, Moran suggests, acted more than the prospect of fulfilling marriages to scare teenagers into chastity.
The anthrax contamination of some post offices and media and government mailing rooms, coupled with the media-fed scare of a possible further spread of the bacteria, has newsletter marketers responding in varying degrees of panic, resolve, confusion, and ingenuity.
AILING soccer legend George Best suffered a heart scare in his hospital bed, the Sunday People can reveal.
As I was admiring the entries in the parts competition, I overhead another visitor say, "These parts should scare the hell out of injection molders
What scares Joy, and should scare all of us, is that these technologies do not require exotic materials--they are "knowledge based"--and that they are self-replicating.
Indeed in the mid-'60s there was a such a "population" scare that reputable journals bought panic stories about how the world would be without essential natural resources within a matter of years, or within decade or two.